Diet -

Aiming for 3000 cals,

percent calories: 34% prot, 33% fat, 33% carbs

food sources: wholemeal bagel, almond butter, innocent smoothie, greek yogurt, whey powder, eggs, dark meat chicken, roast beef, almonds.

Training -

M - Chest,Shoulders,Triceps
T - Legs
W - Back,Biceps
sunday - active rest

Weight: 183lb

Updates will be on weekly weight/diet changes/PR’s

Changing routine to the following:

Monday: Upper body pressing
Tuesday: Upper body pressing
Wednesday: neural charge
Thursday: Lower body pressing
Friday: Lower body pressing
Satuarday: Lats/Biceps
Sunday: neural charge

reason: CT is the man, I might as well listen to him.

Worked out my 3 rep maxes for the lifts i’ll be using for CT’s high-performance mass guidelines over the past couple of days.

Military press, Incline bench press, Bench press, Back squat, Deadlift.

I don’t have a prowler yet, I’m going to attempt to make one, shouldn’t be too difficult.

For now instead of a Prowler I’m using the bikes at the gym. I ramp the level up to the max and do standing cycling for 40 seconds, I did this for 6 sets today, it set my quads on fire.

weight: 186lb

No fat gain, if anything, I’ve lost some. My midsection feels tighter, and my thighs/upper back are visibily bigger.

Did the upper body workout today,

Military press, Incline bench press, Bench press, Powerlifting-style Squat

staggered in barbell shrugs, rear-delt machine, chest-supported shrug/rows.

Took me 2 hours.

I’ve decided I suck at powerlifting-style squats and I can lift a lot more weight with a closer stance.

Same again tomorrow.

Did it again today, felt easier, I went faster.

Did the squats with a closer stance and it was much better.

Im going to do some isolation stuff for my shoulders tonight along with some abs.

Sled should be finished tomorrow, I’ll post pics.

From now on I’ll be posting my daily diet. So far it’s been the same every day, but I’m starting to get hungrier and I’ve been adding in a few things outside the norm…


Meal 1:
2 eggs
200g greek yogurt
500ml innocent smoothie
1 wholemeal bagel
20g almond butter
30g whey powder

workout: 50g peptopro

Meal 2:
1000ml innocent smoothie
60g whey powder
300g dark meat chicken

Meal 3:
200g ribeye
2 eggs
500ml whole milk
1 big blueberry muffin

Note: I make my eggs scrambled, using full cream and 1 desert spoon of butter for every 2 eggs.

Diet today:

meal 1:
200g greek yogurt
500ml innocent smoothie
30g whey powder
1 wholemeal bagel
20g almond butter
2 eggs

meal 2:
1000ml innocent smoothie
60g whey powder
300g dark meat chicken

meal 3:
200g ribeye
2 eggs

camera wasn’t charged, i’ll upload pic of sled in the morning (approx 9 hours from now!)

You gonna post the numbers you use?

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
You gonna post the numbers you use?[/quote]

I wasn’t going to unless I hit some PR’s… which will probably be about 10 weeks from now since I’m using a high volume of light weight/fast reps currently.

Morning weight: 188lb, there is a vein starting to show on my bicep and the love handles are a lot smaller!

Started to use some workout nutrition today, I had the following with 2 litres of water:

48g peptopro
8g essential amino acids
24g leucine
11g glutamine
12g citrulline malate
17g creatine monohydrate
8g beta-alanine
40g palatinose
40g vitargo
18g dextrose

I felt slightly queezy, I’m thinking it will be due to the amount of citrulline malate/creatine/beta-alanine.

I’ll have to scale them back and see how it goes tomorrow.

I had a good pump from this though.

Sled finished, needs a paint job.

Instead of that bag of sand I’m going to get some bags of gravel that fit the shape of the sled, that way I should be able to stack on a reasonable amount of them.

Diet yesterday:

meal 1 -
200g greek yogurt
30g whey powder
500ml innocent smoothie
20g almond butter
1 wholemeal bagel
2 eggs

workout nutrition -
as seen above

meal 2 -
500ml innocent smoothie
60g whey powder
300g chicken

meal 3 -
4 eggs

Did squats, deadlifts and OH pressing today.

Worked up to 140kg on squats/deadlifts over 10 sets with fairly short rest periods and 80kg on OH press. Despite it being fairly light weight, I was trying to move it as fast as possible, so the workout is pretty brutal.

I did the exact same thing yesterday also, but bench press instead of OH press.

It felt like I was in the gym for 4 hours today, very tiring, but I was in and out in a little under 2 (I don’t take a watch with me).

For my workout nutrition, I used the same stuff again, except only 8g creatine, 10g citrulline malate and 5g beta-alanine and 3 caps of Biotest intensified liquid flavoring (GRAPE) to make it taste awesome.

I still felt a little bit queezy but not as bad as yesterday. The 24g of leucine will probably take some getting used to aswell.

It really does suck that the shipping/customs charges me a buttload for ordering into the UK though, otherwise I would just use ANACONDA/MAG-10/WORKOUT FUEL, instead of this copy cat version I’m using.

Diet for yesterday:

meal 1: same as always

workout nutrition

meal 2:
1000ml innocent smoothie
60g whey powder
300g chicken

meal 3:
2 eggs
200g ribeye

Lats/biceps today.

couple of buddies who I haven’t seen over the past week said ‘whoa what the fuck are you taking?’, so im doing something right.

straight-arm pulldown
cable rows, neutral grip
lat pulldown, wide grip
lat pulldown, neutral grip
db rows

pinwheel curls
one-arm cable preacher curls

did Military press, Incline bench press, Bench press, Squats today

The hardest part of these workouts is drinking the 2 litres of workout nutrition, although I read that people felt the same discomfort when using the anaconda protocol, so its probably something i should get used to.

The incline bench press felt like air today, it was so easy, so i’ll be adding 5kg to that next week instead of 2.5kg

Squats felt lighter too.