Goodfellas Actor Frank Sivero Sues The Simpsons

Lotta interesting angles people are discussing with this:
-Why wait 23 years to sue?
-Does the actor own the rights to the character he portrays or is it the writer/director?
-Does Sivero really think this is going to go to trial, or that he’s gaining any respect from this ridiculous suit? (Has he even done anything since Goodfellas?)


Wow it took 23 years to thaw him out for the lawsuit.

I’m sure most of us are thinking publicity stunt. No way he expects any revenue to come of this directly. You know the old saying about any publicity though.

He was never yellow with bulbous eyes.

Sivero also alleges in the suit that he was promised a film of his own [/quote]

Sounds dubious. Even in their most desperate, creative nadir, I’m sure that Fox execs would choose nearly any character other than Louie to front a Simpsons spin-off movie. He doesn’t even voice the character.

[quote]dt79 wrote:
Wow it took 23 years to thaw him out for the lawsuit.[/quote]


I can;'t imagine (in my non-lawyer mind of course) this actually going anywhere. Could he possibly be hoping for a settlement? I mean, he’s got to be looking pretty ridiculous, and I suppose Fox could request compensation of legal fees, which woul put Sivero at more of a loss than he’s already at.


It seems like the statute of limitations would present the biggest problem, unless the time starts over each time they use his likeness.

I feel like I should be suing the Simpsons for stealing my present-day likeness for the 1998 episode “King of the Hill” where Homer begins lifting weights and eating Powersauce bars.

jjackkrash will probably chime in with some shifty lawyer nonsense about so-called “laws” of space and time putting me on shaky legal ground, but sometimes a man needs to take a stand for what is right.

[quote]roybot wrote:

He was never yellow with bulbous eyes.