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Goodbye Victoria's Secret Angels

Victoria’s Secret is finally saying goodbye to the Angels. They’ll be replaced with a new group of women icons, including the soccer star Megan Rapinoe, in what the brand is calling the VS Collective

Another corporate virtual signaller. My guess is VS will be known for the angels for a decade after the VS Collective kicks the bucket.

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Get woke, go broke.


“When the world was changing, we were too slow to respond,” said Waters. “We needed to stop being about what men want and to be about what women want.”

From their chief executive Martin Waters per the New York Times.

So women don’t want to be desirable by potential partners?

Should men stop worrying about what women want? Its a two way street. What about the lesbians that love their sexy feminine girlfriends. This Martin Waters sounds like a bigot to me and his micro agressions hurt my feelings.

Just saw the teaser on tv.
Made comment about the dude that was shown.
Wife said he was ugly.

Then read this and see it was that obnoxious soccer woman.

I do think the market may want curvier models. I’m not saying big girls, just ones with some ass. I think they could have a win win by including some of that. They get to virtue signal, and don’t have to have a butch lady model their underwear.

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Yes, women want to look like Rapinoe because their husbands and boyfriends find her so attractive.

Yeah, women shopped at VS to look sexy for other women. I mean, maybe a small percentage did but not enough to keep them in business. And I know that before I buy my wife some lingerie I want to see how it looks on a size 14 “model” or a 17 year old.

What’s funny is how these woke people are still in the business of objectifying women and selling sex.

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Unfortunately, some call their rolls curves.


Not taking rolls here. I find curves to be sexier than the Victoria secret look. Not gut hanging over pants (fupa) lol.

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It may have been easier to just lower the price. :thinking:
In current economic times $80-$160 for a bra may be a little over budget right now. Just thinking out here.


I agree but there does seem to be confusion among women when it comes to curves vs rolls.

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Antidote to the images in that article:

Worst VS model body ever. No shape and a flat ass.

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ppl find that attractive?

She has a very good looking face and is quite lean, but seriously, boobs??

The value of brand names is something that I find quite perplexing…

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I would be bet that they will also use male to female transgenders as models

yea. like, a lot. also, ‘her’ is the word you were looking for, not ‘that’.

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I know the woman is attractive. I was refering to the boobs specifically

Thank you for the antidote.

She has a body made for many babies.
I give 6 cows and a donkey.

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