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Goodbye Superdrol and Methyl-1-P


FDA Issues Warning on Dietary Supplements:



"Duncan urged that supplement makers be required to advise the FDA if they become aware of serious problems associated with their products"

LOL. I highly doubt they told them about the delayed gyno caused by SD.

It was only a matter of time. Besides, those that used SD should of been on PCT and to be on PCT, they would of needed to get something illegally.

If you're going to get something illegal, you might as well do "the real deal" and just use AAS.


son of a bitch, 2 days before im going to order some SD its goes illegal. Outstanding.


I believe you can still get them. I did a search and places are still selling it. Usually when they put a ban on something, it takes a while for suppliers to get it off of their shelves.

When they banned prohormones, it didn't go into effect until 90 days afterwards.


Unless you are trying to grow some tits, I think it is a worthless product.


superdrol is an outstanding product. i experienced no delayed gyno or any other sides that people talk about. superdrol's results were excellent and i have been on all the prohormones. i added a good 20lbs on my bench (425 to 445 raw)and 8lbs of lean muscle (276 to 284lbs)that i have kept on while the 30 some days i was on it.

I did do proper post cycle therapy after and i feel it is a great product if taken properly and finished properly.


Split, I pm'd you a place to buy it in Canada a month ago! procrastination what??? :wink:


haha i know i have been waiting to come home from school to order it, now with the strike i can get to the bank for a money order as my branch isnt near where i go to school. I didnt like ordering drugs to rez, but now its friggin illegal and i dont think i want to oder it to my house either! loll


The action came on the same day that a consumer expert told the House Government Reform Committee that dietary supplements should undergo safety testing before being allowed on the market.

Would like to kill that motherfucker.


This is the make/break part of it. People think SuperDrol (since it's on the shelves) is fine and nothing is needed after it. They think they don't need to take PCT after it because it isn't an illegal steroid.

I have no doubt that if PCT was done after SD that the user wouldn't experience anything. I'm just saying that if someone is going to obtain PCT illegally, why not go all out.

BTW, glad to hear about your gains :slight_smile:


so again, is it becoming illegal, or IS it illegal now. Bottom line, safe to order or not so much?


Split, keep in mind that they're talking US law which has no effect on Canada's (I thought you said you were in Canada, anyways). As far as I know (and anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), it's illegal to sell in Canada anyways but available nonetheless. The source I told you about had lots of MM and I believe the others as well.

You were talking about school - please don't tell me you're a high school student and planning on doing this


no no, u missed i also said residence, im in college. So if i ordered from bf, it would be legal? its a canadian company but there partnered with an american company and ship the product from the states, so is it safe to order?



leagl still to order into canada?


what about halodrol in canada?
pm me where I could get it


getting it is easy, but are these products still legal/safe to order to your home?


Technically they're not legal to have in Canada, period. But some companies have them and will ship them to your house. Split, as I said in the pm, the source I sent you is legit and will send it to you. Buying, selling, it's all illegal however you look at it. But I seriously doubt that Canada Post will be opeingin pks looking for a bottle of mm that's being sent domestically. Snowball's chance in hell as far as I'm concerned.


What about this M1P from Legal Gear is that stuff worth trying before its off the shelf?


With Superdrol being taken away, has anyone tried the Phera-Plex? I know someone posted about it a couple days ago, but it seems like they were more interested in talking about there workout than in describing whether or not the product is worthy of using or not. Does it increase strength, or not?


I've heard that Phera-Plex is great for strength cycles.I think SD is better for mass.Even though I gained a good bit of mass and strength from SD.Another thing that I'm hearing is that there is alot less side effects from Phera-Plex and your libido is strong while on.My test was shut down on SD after the second week or at least that's when I started noticing it.