Goodbye old friend

Goodbye old friend.
It’s the end of an era.
I look back at all I have learned,
And can only say thanks.
And farewell.

But like a phoenix,
You will rise again,
Burning brighter then ever.

Now that’s classy, a cool graphic and well written little poem.

Done in true T-Man fashion, Mage.

Very cool graphic, BTW. Yes, I suspect T-Nation will get even much better. What I appreciate is the commitment to excellence that is evident here. That is the main thing. Whether its a pastor/teacher who really knows his stuff, one of your kid’s teachers or a coach who deeply knows his/her subject…or here, where research actually gives us a supp worth taking, its the striving towards excellence that’s the key. Good show, T-Mag & BioTest!

The Mage,

Excellent! We’ve all been looking forward eagerly to tonight’s revelations, that we aren’t taking the time to stop and reflect on what this site has provided for years already.

Here’s a toast to the past 6 years’ worth of excellence!

“Hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

–Betty Davis

I now know what I want for my tat! Thanks Mage, sweet graphic.

To the RISE!

Very nice, Mage!

You know, we’re thinking about starting a T-Nation art gallery that features T-Nation inspired art. You should definitely submit this piece when we get it up and running.

That’s friggen sweeeeet!

lookin good… tick tick tick

I got a little sappy.

The art was done by Den Beauvais. Entitled: Phoenix.