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Goodbye Michael Scott


Anyone keeping up with the latest episodes of The Office?
Exit Steve Carell... Enter Will Ferrell.
The finale was on last night.
Catch it here:



I only liked the first 4 seasons of the Office.


I like how Will Farrell called up The Office people and said he wanted to come into the show to send Carell off with a bang. I thought that was a nice move by Will.

I wonder what they are going to do next year?


I really haven't watched this season at all. The show lost it before Carell left and i'm pretty sure it won't succeed once he is gone.


I became a pretty big fan. Its really disappointing to see him go. It probably wont be as popular. I know Jim Carey and Ray Romano will fill in for awhile.


Goodbye Steve Carell. A bit sad to see him go but I'm sure Ferell will do a great job. I think he's actually funnier.


MAN IRON WHY U GOTTA TAKE MY THUNDER? I was gonna make a thread, you bitch :P.

I am a huge office fan i have prolly seen every episode at least 10 or more times. And I really liked and hated this final episode.

I can tell that the writers goals was to make Michael's Departure a personal departure rather then making it a big deal with the entire show because doing that allowed them to make the "show go on". Granted it was fucken sad seeing him go I cried like a girl doing anal for first time and hell i feel sad typing this up because the office has been such a big part of my teen years etc I just loved the show.

I wish that his departure was a bigger part of the entire show, I mean he IS The Office. Man I am conflicted Q_Q.


The first couple seasons were real strong, then it was hit or miss. I thought the Michael Scott Paper Company story arc was great, but other than that I was disappointed in the more recent stuff. However, I've liked most of the episodes from the current season and thought his departure was handled pretty well. I don't think the show will last more than two seasons without him, though. His shoes will be hard to fill without changing the show entirely.


I loved the British series and initially didn't like the USA version (mainly because the earlier episodes were based on the UK version) - but in later seasons I really enjoyed the USA version. It's one of the very few comedy shows I do watch.

Will Ferrell? really? I thought I heard Harvey Keitel's name mentioned? I am a fan of Will right from the SNL days and love his movies (step brothers, talladega, anchorman etc).


Same here. I never got into the show in its first 2 seasons. But by season 3 the characters were really developed and that's when I got hooked. Micheal Scott was always a jackass, but he was at least a harmless jackass. The character Will Ferrell is playing seems to be a jackass AND an intentional prick.


I've seen every episode, love this show. An extremely funny, witty, feel good (for the most part) show.

I heard that Ferrell only signed on for six episodes, so I wonder who they'll transition it to permanently? My vote would be for Dwight. That guy is pure awesomeness.


My money is on Will Arnett to step into the role permanently, Dwight is just too good as the "second in command" for him to be made manager.


How similar are the two versions? I honestly never knew it originated from the UK.


UK version - I can understand some of the dialogue

USA version - I can understand everything they say

UK version, boss is a prick (Ricky Gervais), jokes are dirtier, overall the humor is drier.


The story line is fairly similar with some additions here and there. The humor, however, is completely different as the British version opts for a very dry tone where the US version uses lots of awkward comedy along with pop culture jokes.

It all depends on what you find funny, I know people that love both versions.


I love both, but the british/original one is better. If you like the british version, check out extras, its awsome :slight_smile:

ps. my favorite character in the us-version is that old guy, the one who gave jim an old shirt as
secret santa gift. He's creepy in a funny way.







yes thats his name.


This is how I am with anything British. I just can't understand most of what they're saying. I couldn't finish watching the Holy Grail because of this. I understand Telemundo better than British dialog. I'm not sure what my problem is.