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Goodbye HCG, Hello Side Effects

So due to new FDA regulations that took effect in late March, my doctor is no longer prescribing HCG to his patients. The rules are about what compound pharmacies can make, and since he uses such a pharmacy—and they do not keep in stock off-the-shelf HCG—he is now using, wait for it, Clomid as the replacement. Anyone else experience this sort of fuckery?

That sucks. I have some stocked up.

You could try to obtain it UGL. You can tell if it is real with a pregnancy test. If the HCG causes a positive, you know you have HCG. You would not know if it is dosed correctly though.

The pharmacy can obtain hCG through a commercial supplier.

They can, but they will not. Small pharmacy, only does compounding, and is not interested in adding skews to their inventory. I get it. It’s their business and they can run it as they please, but it’s still irritating.

Ask your doctor to use another pharmacy. We use three, and have others as back ups.

The FDA for some reason is driving us to a Commercial pharma equivalent in place of HCG. It costs more, but it is another option if you require it.

I bought the 4 refills remaining of HCG I had on the script, and I had, the pharmacy request 6 More from the Dr by fax. I’ll buy them when the script comes though and then just go with the pharma after that.

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You could order hCG from an overseas pharmacy

That’s the plan for now.