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Good Yoke Work

So I have been reading about the yoke lately and it dawned on me that i have no yoke.So I am in need of some good yoke lifts,I want to build up my neck and traps and am looking for good lifts.

Don’t you mean yolk?

Seriously, deadlifts will help you the most, I think. Do them with a shrug at the top for extra trap work. Then all shrug variations. Rows might help too.

yolks are in eggs. =P

Some good things for the yoke: face-pulls, deadlifts, all kinds of shrugs, neck harness work, high pulls.

What is a yoke?

two main exercises that have been helping me with that problem are hang power snatches and farmer’s walks.

Rack pulls, cheat shrugs, farmers walks, safety squat bar shrugs, deadlifts, normal shrugs. Heavy and often. And once again: HEAVY. Use straps when your grip dies.

Make sure you do some shoulder and lat work as well, otherwise you’ll be heading towards the magical land of shoulder pain.

For those who don’t know what the yoke is.


The inspirational article that led me on the path.

Some good ones: seated DB cleans, DB shrug drop sets, trap bar deadlifts, overhead BB shrugs, KB snatches, face pull/bent lateral raise superset, chest supported incline DB shrugs, wide grip Hammer Strength Iso Row (pulling to upper chest)

I am also convinced that squatting heavy (like maxing in full gear heavy) is really effective for building upper back thickness.

Nothing is more impressive to me than a thick upper back. Probably because mine sucks.

[quote]confusedjake wrote:
yolks are in eggs. =P[/quote]

Someone earlier actually thought it was “yolk” and used it fairly extensively before he was corrected. I laughed.