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Good Workouts on Spike


I just wanted to comment that since I've been using 2 Spike before my harder workouts, I haven't had a workout where I didn't feel strong or have plenty of energy to get through it. Even one day when I was a little underfed and got really hungry during my workout, I still was able to finish it and not feel weak, which would have normally happened if I was hungry.

The boost that I get from Spike is definately different from ephedra, which I've cycled on and off for a couple of years now. No nervous feeling, just feel ready to go. And Spike works better for me than Power Drive, although I still use that on off days to aid recovery, since it's so reasonably priced.

Anyway, it works for me, and it's going to be a regular part of my supplementation from now on.


I have had a similar experience and have made Spike a part of my workouts. It definetely makes a difference. It also works super for late night study-cram sessions.


I never thought I could like it as much as ECA, but it's much better because the high lasts so much longer. I only need one tab and I'm flying all day. They should give the shit to junkies that are coming off heroine or crack. Speaking of which I just had my one tab 40 minutes ago and my mind is ten words ahead of my fingers. Fucking AWESOME.


2 Spike before workout = rip the fucking gym down.


I just love your attitude BIG.


That's the mentality you have to have to break new ground.


Whats up BIG, You are correct, rip it down.



One Spike didn't do a whole lot for me. Two Spikes and I've felt great working out even after several nights of little or no sleep. I just ordered another bottle. Awesome stuff.


Another good workout today. Finally decided to push myself on front squats. I've been just working the exercise with moderate, light weights. The most I've done on front squats has been 185. Today I did 155x8, 185x6, 205x5 and finally decided fuck it, I'm going to put 225 on there. So I got 2 reps. This is big for me, since front squats are a "new" exercise for me, and even when I would do do back squats (knees would end up hurting and lower back was trashed so I focused on DL until I tried FS) I never went above 225 lbs. So kewlness, I've now gone from shit to suck!