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good workout?

Focus lifts
front Squat(85%, 3x5)
Deadlift(85%, 3x5)
lunges(85%, 3x5)
Supplemental Lifts
Nat. Glute Ham3x10
1 leg back ext2x10
plate drags2x10
Day 2
Bench 85% 3x5
push press 85% 3x5
BB row 85% 3x5
Accenuated eccentric bench 5x1w/ 6s.yield
zotman curl 2x10 tempo 306
tempo contrast french press 5x8
plate holds 2-5 5to10 lbs plate maxtime
iso-ballistic squat 5x2 w/ 14 s. pause
power clean 3x5 85%
1 arm db snatch 3x5 85%
step-ups 55-60% explosive 3x8
leg curl 2/1 2x10
incline isomiometric 5x3 2s pause
jerk press 3x5 85%
isometric seated row 3x5 w/ 10-15s hold
ballistic bench no pause 5x5
speed chins 3x failure
v-bar pressdown 3x10

this is for the 1st week other weeks will be adjusted accordingly

Do you think I;m on the right track?

Hard to tell. What are your training goals?

Too much volume. Try not to do more than 4 exercises per sessions, 2-3 main exercises and 1 auxillary exercise. This is especially important since you are planning on using some advanced techniques.

phil s,

First off, welcome to the forum! Secondly, I would like you to define “Speed Chins” for me.

thanks for the feedback.

my goal is to improve upon my bench and olympic lifts. Each week I will change the intensity. Hope to also lose some b.f.

Speed chins are doing chins as fast as you can until failure as long as form is good. I may need a partner for this exercise.

CT, thanks for the info, I will take out some of the isolation exercises and save them for another block.

phil s,

First of all if your goal is size and strength, I suggest that you skip the “speed chins” and do them slowly with a slight pause at the top, and a slight pause at the bottom. three sets are okay, just make sure that you take about 3 seconds per rep. The lats grow a whole lot better when you stretch them. It’s difficult to do this when you are going quickly?

Make sure that if you decide to do “speed chins” that you do not sacrifice good form. Go all the way down for a full stretch.

Good Luck with your program!