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Good Workout to Get into Strongman


I have been lifting weights for a couple of years now. I want to compete in strongman in the future but, I still need to add a lot of strength and mass. Anyone have any good workout progams?


You will need to be able to train events at some point, but you can do lots of stuff in a regular gym to help out your event performance.

For me,
Narrow stance squats and high volume deadlift workouts help me the best in strongman.

Make sure you work on your push press for overhead events, also don't neglect forearm training since there are usually events which will test your grip as much as everything else.

Remember that a contest is usually an all day test of full body strength, so plan your workouts to reflect this.


Would a full body workout be optimal or would some sort of split, such as a three day, work just as well?


I learned much of what I know training with Brian Siders and have had pretty good success with it.

I train 7 days a week, and do something for each body part everyday.
Monday-Heavy Wide Stance squats, clean and jerk for volume, Zyndrunas' Presses, rows, cardio
Tuesday- Bench press, rows, dips, narrow stance squats for volume, Cardio intervals
Wed. Sumo Deadlifts or Stiff Legged Dl's, snatch, abs, seated milirary press
Thurs. Events
Friday. Narrow Stance Squats for volume, power cleans, maybe some pressing
Saturday. Events
Sunday. Cardio, stretching, light oly lifts, yoga

I know this is highly unorthodox, but it works for me. You need to sleep and eat as much as possible if you want to do something similar.

play with the reps and weights. I work from 55% to 90+% and reps range from doubles to sets of 20