Good Workout? Help Me

Please, Check my training plan.
I want to increase strength and power, I want first for all to increase vertical jump.
Plan lasts 10 weeks

Week 1

Day 1(mon.)

B. back squat 5x5 70% <—I add every week 2-3%
A. hang snatch
value to hang snatch
1.3x5 (70%)
2.4x4 (75%)
3.5x3 (80%)
4.2x2 (85%)
6.3x5 (75%)
7.4x4 (80%)
8.5x3 (85%)
9.2x2 (90%)
10. max

Day 2(wed.)

B. front squat 6x2-3 65%
A. C&J 3-4 sets 1-4 reps

Day 3(fri.)

B. back squat 6x1 90%<-- I add every week 1%
A. snatch pull
value to snatch pull
1.3x5 (75%)
2.4x4 (80%)
3.5x3 (85%)
4.2x2 (90%)
5. light
6.3x5 (80%)
7.4x4 (85%)
8.5x3 (90%)
9.2x2 (95%)

What do you think about this routine?

don’t forget things like box jumps and depth jumps. You don’t have to do a lot but some plyo work will help a lot. To jumps high you actually have to teach your body to jump higher, and land.

Also do a couple vert jumps each week too. Given a decent sprint posture some 1om sprints would likely help as well.

be fast.