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Good Winstrol Stack

Bill, Brock or Whoever Might Know-

Everyone seems to talk about stacking Primo with Winstrol. If Primo was unavailable, what oral steroid would make the most sense: Dianabol, Anadrol, Masteron or Methl-Test (these are the ones I have access to)? I was thinking in terms of a 8-10 week cycle using about a gram of gear a week with 50mg of Clomid daily. My goal is to gain as much mass as possible. I’m 25, 6’3", 225lbs., 12% bodyfat and have been training for about 3 years. Given the available choices, would just the Winstol alone make a good choice? Thanks.

Anadrol. According to Brock, the two have some good synergy. I’m not positive on what’s safe with the dosages, but I’m using 50mgs of each for 8 weeks. That might be too long with the liver complications though. Any feedback appreciated.

saxon, GW has a good deal, huh? There are some other guys out there too if you look hard enough. If you are going to be doing a grm a week, look into finding some injectables.

My $0.02

Anadrol and Winstrol are fast becoming a
"classic stack’ (even if the Winnie ir
injectable most of the time). Sourcing real
Anadrol is difficult and IP’s Anadrol, what
is left of it, was totally bogus.

Better still, use Deca with Winstrol. 400mg
per week Deca with 50mg of Winny per day.


Thanks for the input guys.