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Good Whey to Mix with Juice


Any one know of a good whey powder that would mix with OJ or apple juice. Maybe something neutral tasting? I love ON chocolate whey with milk but would like something that mixes nicely with juice. Any of the Grow! whey good for this?


Grow! is decent, but I actually like ON vanilla flavored better.


peach flavour with mango or melon juice. stay away from flavourless mixed with OJ, its absolutely putrid


There's a whey product called biPro that is pure whey. It doesn't have any flavor, so it mixes well with everything.


I like the new vanilla Grow! in juice.

How can people stand the taste of ON proteins? I've been using protein powders for years and have tried most of what's on the market and have returned all of the ON stuff I've bought since it was too nasty to drink. WTF.


You could run into a denaturing issue, but I'm not a chemist. Read this article


If it interest you, look for research in a med journal. If all else fails, I like ON Vanilla w/ OJ.


Really? I love the ON chocolate mixed with milk. But not with juice the French Vanilla ON does taste like shit though.


I second the optimum nutrition use. Mix vanilla or banana ON protein with an orange or lemonade flavored drink. Also the strawberry flavor (which tastes awful on its own) mixes well with orange juice.