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Good Weightlifting Pants?


Anyone know/use something similar a singlet but not as expensive and more common, i.e shop bought?


Compression shorts/tights? I have some under armor ones I wear sometimes. You might look for shorts/pants made for running.


Just looked at under armour shorts, really cheap but they look errr revealing shall we say??


lol I guess it depends on the thickness. They have some light compression which are the cheapest but probably too thin but I have some of the medium compression with some reinforcement that are really similar in feel to the bottom half of my singlet.


I just buy a couple of stretchy shorts/tights when needed. I think swimming pants could even work.


Any wrestling singlet will do, they are like $35 or so.


If you are looking for pants, not a singlet, the Adidas "Lifter Training Pants" are quite good. They are reinforced along the thighs so that bar brushes don't wear out the fabric prematurely.

You can find them at http://www.dynamic-eleiko.com/


I use to wear running shorts...now I just wear a bunch of weightlifting leotards...I have the top down and I have 2 for comp use :stuck_out_tongue:

Next comp I'm going to rock out a special one that I haven't worn in agesssssssssssssssss. Not since I was a 77kg!



If you're looking for something cheap and easy with a little bit of spring, you could try wearing some long, underwear. I tried wearing some this winter because I was having to use a squat rack that was outside, and I actually really liked the little bit of tautness that they had. I felt like I could "feel" the springiness and the give in the fabric, but it didn't seem to offer any extra assistance, nor was my ROM impaired.


Errr, are you sure you'll get into if?! It'll be "figure hugging" to say the least I imagine! ;0)


I'll find out in 6 weeks!



Please tell me that it looks like this!


I'm going to buy rehband, they seem the best. Thanks guy.


Im soo getting that :smiley:


Don't encourage him! He has a black one like that and it's quite distressing.


Tenaga Sports has a versatile pants for lifting and running. They only have black and gray, though.


Close! I a black one! Not quite cut like that at the top but like it! I Sn 120 in it and I'm trying to find the video!