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Good Weightlifting Belt


Hi, I've been lifting for some time and seen some belts in sporting goods stores but personally have no idea if they are worth buying. I would like a belt for heavy deadlifts, squats, oly lifts, etc but don't know where I should purchase it and what brand/brands I should buy. Any suggestions would be appreciated .


You probably won't find any good belts in sporting good stores. I can't speak specifically for the oly lifts, but for squats and deadlifts you want a leather belt that is an even width all the way around, not one of those that is narrower in the front than the back. 4 inch is a standard width. Unless you are pretty advanced, I think a 10mm thickness is sufficient, and probably a better choice than a 13mm. I prefer the buckle belts with a single row of holes as they are easier to get on and off, and entirely adequate. Inzer and Rogue both make good belts. Expect to pay $50-$100.


Inzer Lever Belt, 13mm or 10mm. Call Inzer, they are in East Texas. I like 13mm, but its pretty thick, and some prefer 10mm. Either one will work fine. You probably won't find a real belt in a store. If you don't want a lever, single prong is the way to go. Don't get a double prong, they are a pain in the ass to get on an off.


On Oly lifts, I don't know what will work, ask on the oly forum. I suspect the lever might get in the way.


Don't wear one

Unless you're squatting or DLing over 500lbs

Anything below you're just being a b@tch who likes to wear accessories at the gym.


The OP asked about the best belts, not for a debate on the merits of belts. Jarvin is in one camp, and he's entitled to his opinion, but there's lots on strong people in the other camp.


Just get a belt and learn how to use it properly. Then decide whether or not you want to use it.

Choose one colored in shocking pink just to piss Jarvan off. (lol just joking Jarvan)


This is what Jarvis would wear:

Powerlifting I find a lever belt to be optimal (10mm inzer), for the Snatch and clean and jerk a Single prong 10mm.

I am not that large 73" and 187-193# so the 10 are more comfortable around my waist.

If you are a bigger boy are are pushing 500/600# + squats and deads you may prefer a 13mm.

Be aware the thicker the belt, the longer the breakin time. Unless you run it over with a truck (been known to happen!)


For the O-Lifts, I know CT and Wil Fleming have both said on here before that they use the cheapo Velcro Valeo style belts. So there's that to think about. Never used one but the Spud deadlift belt may be a good middle ground.


Thanks for the suggestions and time guys


I wore a belt as I trained my squat & deadlift up to and above 500lbs. What the hell are you talking about?


I'm pretty sure I would rock a lifting belt if it was pink




The lifting large lever belt gets good reviews and people claim it's as good as the Inzer lever belt. I got mine yesterday, never used a belt but going to do some heavy squats Monday.


Also, dont forget to check Ebay !
Got my Inzer 10mm Lever belt for $35
and my Toro 13mm Single prong for $40 !