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Good Weight Lifting Technique

Hi, I’m new to T-Nation though i have been lurking for a while and have been to gyms on and off for a long time.
I’m preparing a little booklet on weight-training for a thirteen year old cousin. We’re giving him a pair of 3kg dumbells just to get him started but I can’t find any simple info on lifting posture.
I want him to at least start with the right technique even for these little weights.
Does anyone have a good simple accurate description of the process please?

Thirteen? Howabout, stand at attention with respect to chest, shoulders and back alignment?

I’d stress keeping the body motionless (no swaying/cheating) when moving the weights. I know cheating does have it’s time and place, but not right out of the gate.

Better yet, do all the major lifts together with this person when you present the booklet. Then try to touch base from time to time and observe form if you can.

As far as I know, there’s no proper “lifting posture.” It depends on the exercise. Pick a few good exercises and teach him (and yourself) to do them with proper form. A good start would be the overhead squat with a broomstick. If you can nail that, you’ll have no problem with most of the major lifts (other squats, deadlifts, etc.).

There are lots of articles on the site that address particular exercises. I don’t remembe exact links, but just do a search.

And 3 kgs? He probably has school books that are heavier than that. At 13 he can probably start lifting some real weights.

Yes I agree, but I’m just helping out with the info for the present.
I figure even if the weights are so light, if he gets into it he’ll want to do heavier weights soon. I don’t really know him well, if he seems interested i can at least show him how to stand.

Thanks, those sorts of comments are just what I’m after!