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Good Weight Gainer?


I'm looking to purchase a weight gainer and was thinking of bsn's true mass. What do you huys think of it? I thought it would be better than most because it doesn't contain much sugar.


You can use a Biotest product with whole milk.

Or, cytosport has a great product called cytogainer?

Taste is GREAT, lots of carbs, fat, cals, sugar, etc. If you are training hard it's great, even better with whole milk. If you have a slow metabolism and train like shit, you will put fat on though.



Whole Milk, Peanut Butter, Egg Whites, Beans,Salmon, Beef.

Biotest's High end protein powder is called Metabolic Drive. It's way ahead of any other powder but shakes can only take you so far. Rely on real food to add on mass. Use powders after you workout or when you can't get that 5th or 6th meal in.

I don't know about BSN in particular but most weight gainer powders have A LOT of sugar and empty calories that won't help in gaining lean mass.


Said it best. Whole foods for bulking and Sups to help with your cut...

Good luck


That bsn stuff has something prob a ton of malto which while a starch is essentially a sugar only hell even faster in digestion. Like the above ppl said food added to a quality protein product.



The only decent weight gainer I have seen is this product, which can be bought cheaper at other websites.


True Mass, cyto sport (clarify* cyto-gainer )etc are all junk. They are poor combinations of all the wrong nutrients. Like someone mentioned they get their calories from Maltodextrin, which is great after a workout, without fat, but throughout the day in those amounts, no good.

I honestly think it's much cheaper and easier to make your own. Just buy the basic whey they have here, mix with milk and add in fruit, greens, ground flax, oats whatever.

If you don't have a strong stomach, just eat small meals with your shakes. I usually have low GI fruit and walnuts with my shakes. Or something like 1 cup of brown rice with 1/2 cup black beans with a whey shake.


"Weight Gainers" are crap. Just add real food to blender drinks along with regular protein powder.

Adding things like: olive oil, milled flax, cottage cheese, oatmeal, fruit, nuts, peanut butter, milk, flax oil, etc. to your shake is the best way to get additional calories in.


Ice cream.


Why are all you guys adding olive oil into your shakes? That just seems weird.


Great source of monounsaturated fats. I add about 2tbs to a shake. You can't even taste it.

Here's my recipe for a super pre-bed bulk shake:

2 scoops Metabolic Drive
2Tbs peanut butter
1Tbs EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
1/2 cup coconut milk
Carb Control milk stuff in the blue container(highest fat content)to taste and consistency

Yummy and lots of slow burning fats and proteins to keep you going through the night.


All weight gainers are not "crap". Sorry. I'm sure some of them are not the best for you, but we don't live in a perfect world.

The best case would be that you could eat tons of mean, veggies, and good carbs that would get you the totals you need in calories, carbs, protein, and fat. Eaiser said than done when you need 6,000 or more calories, and your protein needs go over 400 grams daily. Good luck living a normal life and having extra cash........

Shakes/weight gainers are a TOOL for gaining weight. They should not be used alone, but add in 2 or 3 a day with milk, PB, or other stuff along with the rest of your meals and the results are great.

Everyone is different. Ask Chad Aiches if he likes MRP's. The dude is one of the strongest guys on the planet, and lives off of muscle milk at 380lbs.



Just about, and I think the quicker people realize this, the better. I myself wasted a lot of time on these powders, and wish someone would have told me the 6 grams of sugar on the label was deceptive. That I was actually getting 200-300 grams (total)of high glycemic carbohydrates skyrocketing my insulin levels through out the day. I would not classify MRP's and Muscle Milk as "weight gainers", thought I don't use either, I think they generally are good products.

All they ( guys who need the extra calories) need is a little boost from food and supplement sources that primarily provide an anabolic muscle building environment, not a fat storage environment. Not saying you are going to completely avoid fat gain, but from research and experience, reduce the rate and potential of it. So I say with the exception of the link I provided earlier (and any WG product without malto) "weight gainers" should be avoided.


Hit the nail right on the head.

IMHO, You are probably better off making your own and eating like a lion starved a day or two. Just my two cents.


in the past I used twinlab mass fuel - not the 2500 one, i tihkn it was the one that gave you about 1000 cals.. sugar isnt too high from what i remember and I definitely put a lot of thort before I chose it = even had to order it from the USA...

now, its too expensive for me to do that lol, so I just purchased a big tub of Prolab N Large...

'weight gainers' have worked well for me, you just have to regulate them. like most are 4 scoops for a serving, but obviously just do hte calculation yourself, work out how much is in each scoop, and use them accordingly... I find theyre very useful in the morning if I can't grab a proper meal before I go anywhere... shoot me. lol.


different strokes for different folks man. you have to experiment on yourself and figure out what works for you.some people are pro-supps and some are pro-more food.

try both and when the smoke clears you'll see the truth.and also just because some supps work for some they don't always work for everybody,don't be mislead by that no matter the supps name.here or otherwise.good luck man keep us posted


Last winter while bulking I used a lot of quick mass made by almax. Great tasting stuff and mixed up well. I know prefer to mix my own, however would still use that product post work out.



I didn't read the rest of the thread but I used to do this:

1/2 to 1 cup of Oats
1 Apple
1 Banana
about 12 oz Whole Milk, maybe 16
2 scoops of any decent Protein Powder
2-4 tbsp. of Natural Peanut Butter

And sometimes even some other stuff. In the middle of college classes, I would get up, with my shaker thing full of this stuff, and go to the bathroom and spend 5 minutes choking it down.

Doesn't taste bad, you WILL shit exactly 22 minutes after consuming it, but it works. It's something like 1,000 calories in one pop, and hella cheap.

Makes a great breakfast or post workout gainer dealie.