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Good Weight for 5 X 5


Any suggestions on picking a good weight for 5 X 5's? Do you pick a weight you can barely do 5 times? That you want to be able to do 5 times 5 times? That you can do 10 times?
Thanks in advance.


7-8 RM...


I pick a weight thats my 6-7RM, and I don't go to failure.


I always try to go as heavy as I can, but only where I keep strict form and the weights under control for the 5 reps.

I never train to failure as the form and control would go out the window.

If you keep a training log, you can measure and mark your progress towards your goal.


I would agree with those who posted above, when you get to your last set you should barely get the last rep, if you do increase weight, if not keep the same weight for the next time.


Dan John wrote a good article on this:


I usually do my 7-8RM, but I've found wave-loading to be an excellent way to mix things up.


My current 5X5 power lifting program uses 92.5% of your 5 rep max. So find your 5 rep max, take it times .925. You may want to take a week or two to work up to it.

Example: Squat 340 for 5 rep max
340*.925= 314.5, so 5X5 = 315.


A classic recommedation for picking a weight for 5x5 is 80% of your max single.


This is copied from the periodization bible pt 1 which goes over a typical western periodization routine. I should point out that the second part of this article is chock full of reasons NOT to do western periodization, but anywhoo

so 86% is probably a good place to start, but adjust that up or down to suit you


I'll echo the 7RM. I like to waveload if it's my first exercise for a group. I'd rather err on the side of caution just in case my warmup was not quite enough for that particular workout.



I second that!


I believe that in the first year of testosterone, I believe 1998, there was an article entitled training with maximal weights by Poliquin. I think that in that article he gives some guidelines as going about setting up a 5x5 program. Again, my memory might be a little foggy since its been almost seven years since I read the article. I hope this info helps. Again, can't be 100 percent sure, but I think the article is by Poliquin and it mentions 5x5.