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Good Weather = Good Diet


It's just right for cooking out, steaks, chicken breasts, beans, salad, "good" food in every sense of the word. I'm gonna start grilling a buttload of stuff every weekend, then eating on it all week, if any of you are ever down in Arkansas just stop by.


I've always wondered why we all use the words "Assload" and "Buttload". What is the official measurment unit of Assload? Is it the size of a large crap?

I wonder if this term came out of a certain community....? Like "man that's an assload of hamsters".

Or is it related to food? As in, "hey, I'm going to eat an assload of food" This makes sence since the food end up being a load in your ass.

Anyway, enough of my "Deep Thoughts"


Depending on what and how much this may call for a road trip...


So true.

Great weather, being active outdoors, and wearing shorts/t-shirts all day is a great way to stay motivated.

My trips to SoCal, Arizona and Hawaii have proved it's basically universal.


If I remember correctly, according to urbandictionary.com a buttload is slightly less than an assload, but they're both quite a bit.

Ghost22, you're welcome up any time man. If I have a real big one planned sometime I'll be sure to let you know. Just bring up a few side dishes, and by side dishes, I mean cajun girls.


Careful with the invites. I have to head to Camden soon and am always up for making a detour for some grilled meat.

The spring weather in AR is nice. Much better than in July and August. Unfortunately, I'll have to be there around that time too.


What other definition of "side dish" is there? None that I care to find out, that's for sure.


yup, i think it also promotes a better lifestyle. on top of the gym i've played pickup sports with my friends 3/4 days since temperature hit 15C. even if its just frizbee or throwing the football around i feel much better being more active after a long winter inside...


Hey man like I said, any of you guys are welcome to stop by. I'd rather hang out with a bunch of strangers from T-Nation than the meth zombies that inhabit rural Arkansas.