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Good Way to Hit Rear Delts?



I've been noticing that they are lagging behind the rest of the deltoids. I usually try to do them when I work out my back.

Does anyone have any good exercises for the posterior delts? The traditional bent over ones just don't do it for me.



I sometimes do low cable rows to the neck with a bar or rope attachment.


bent over lateral raises
reverse flys on pec deck


Face pulls and band pull aparts


^Band pull-aparts.


Deadlifts, bent over, but not too bent over lateral raises, wide grip bent rows, wide grip supinated pulldowns to the collarbone.


Very wide grip rows, grab the lip of the plates(you'll likely be using 10s or maybe 25s) and row as normal. Plates will have to be facing "out" obviously. Try that after every back workout and tell me where you feel the work being done.


That'll do for me too!


Negatives of the behind the neck chins do it for me every time.


Your traps are over powering your delts...
Concentrate on good form go lighter till you feel the delts working then add weight...


Cable scarecrows, Oly style bent rows (snatch grip, above the knee hang position, elbows running along the bar, pull from mid thigh to lower chest, i.e. the bar path is diagonal), band pull-aparts as have already been mentioned.


Doing a good amount of wide grip BB rows will not only fix lagging posterior delts, but your back will be thankfull as well. I've never trained rear delts directly in my life, but have been a huge proponent of BB rows. I can only assume that's why my delts look okay.



Normally the go-to exercise would be bent raises, but if you have a hard time feeling them try bent cable raises, using a single rope handle and a neutral grip.

Focus on form-if you go too heavy you will work the surrounding muscles at the expense of your rear delts.

You also might consider doing them with shoulders. This will give you better focus, and a little more frequency (indirect with back, plus shoulder day).

Delts are a high percentage of ST fibers and can take frequent work and recovery.


The Rear Delt Machine


Rows or all types. Esp to the neck. band bull aparts, facepulls, cleans.


Like all presses hit the front delts, all pulling exercises (chins/rows) will hit your rear delts.


One other thing I have not seen mentioned is that when you are doing your wide grip T-bar rows, focus on trying to finish the rep right under your chin. Bring it up high at the end.


Heavy deadlifts out of a power rack, pins set to right below the knee. You should be able to do 50-100 lbs more than you can pull off of the floor, and if you go hard at them, you will not be able to comprehend how sore they will be until you actually experience it.




LOL. That'd look nasty.