Good way to get revenge on a cheating love interest


I just got back from a trip to see this girl I’ve been talking to online. We hung out saturday and got along great. A little intimacy, etc. I’ve known her for more than 7 months now.

We talked on Sunday on my way back and she tells me about how much she likes me… and oh yeah, that this ex friend-with-benefits (who has a g/f) stopped by to “go grocery shopping” with her on saturday.

What she didnt tell me was that she gave him a blowjob (guess he’s not so much of an ex-friend-with-b). I found that out from someone else she knows from online… but she doesnt know that I know.

To make it all more wonderful, the night before I found out, she told me she loves me.

Aside from using my fists as a wrecking ball on this dude’s skull, got any good ideas to get some revenge. Thanks

A T Brother

Yea, I have a good idea.

Why don’t you use your very first post on the finest muscle building site in the world for something other than a dumping ground for stories about your failed online romances.


No, I don’t like that idea. I like the old idea of this being an “off topic” forum good for whatever you want to say that might not even relate to lifting. Did you get your geritol this morning, Old man Grumpus?

Sums it all up…

“I’ve been talking to online”

please remove your head from your ass.

Send her my thanks for the the bj. It was mediocre, but hey, any port in a storm.

Hey RockClimberjoe,

My point is simple, even you can understand it. There must be several sites online that deal with teens and their failed online romances. If you are not a teen, forgive me. You sound like one so it’s an honest mistake.

You used your very first post on a site like this to rant about some slut you are attracted to. Do you see how that might look a little…what is the best word? Uhh…childish!

What could be more fun that stopping by a friends place to go grocery shopping with them? She sounds like a cheap date. Especially if she buys her own groceries. Who knows, maybe she needed to turn some tricks for cash.

What the fuck is wrong with you stupid bastard? Why would you want to whip this guys ass? He didn’t betray your trust etc, if he was a buddy of yours you might have some justification to be pissed at him but it sounds like he’s just some dude getting his dick sucked when the chance came along. (She probably told him what a dipstick you are after blowing him–I bet they laughed and laughed…)

ZEB told is like it is right here:

some slut you are attracted to…

Rockclimber,move on b/c this chick will be nothing but trouble.Why do you want revenge?Because she said she loves you and probably did’nt mean it?She sounds like a basket case,you want revenge then see her again bang her(if you can do so without getting attached that is) then tell her she is a slut,and change your screen name so she can’t talk to you anymore…there is your revenge…


Stick to chins and right wing religions.

Dude, widen your horizons. It is her body and she can do what she wants with it.

You on the other hand get to choose what you will or won’t put up with. First, do you know that what you heard was true?

In any case, discuss it with her. If you decide you can’t trust her, and you aren’t okay with that, then say goodbye.

There is no need for histrionics or other baloney.

All you can ask for is some honesty and the ability to trust that you are getting it. If you don’t get honesty or the trust has been destroyed, walk away.

Thanks for clarifying ZFB, but just FYI, I was here before the forums were “T-Nation” forums… old old school.

Yes, I don’t even remember your handle or any of you guys… Whatever happened to NateDogg and those guys from back when.

And why would I want to… Because its fun kicking someone’s ass and to stand up for whats right.

Those who suggest moving on, I suppose after 9/11, did you say:

“move on… those people chose to be there, obviously. And we [USA collectively] get what we deserve, fucking around in other people’s oil, instrumenting regime change, etc. Shit happens”

I think not.

But still I want to have a little fun out of a bad situation.

Anyways, I was asking for ideas, not to argue. And if there are none, then let the thread die. No biggie.

wow RockClimberjoe,

These guys just unloaded on you…lmao
Not the response you were looking for huh?

Well, these folks love fresh meat…

Just eat a bunch of jalapenos then go down on her.

Tell the bitch you got HIV or something. That’ll do it.

IL Cazzo,

That was sort of an idiotic statement. The type that you have become known for around here. I have written about Chins. However, I have never once written about religion.


Re-read Tinman’s post, minus the insults. You have no quarrel with a guy who got a blowjob – unless he owed you some sort of consideration, he didn’t do anything to you. He most likely is going through life blissfully unaware of your existence.

She chose to blow him – and she sounds a bit unstable, telling you she loves you after one meeting, and right after blowing some other dude. Move on.

First of all, if anyone is going to get their assed kicked it should be you, he was obviously there first.

Secondly, why would she even feel the need to tell you he was an ex-friend with benefits. The fact that she labeled him as such should have told you they’re still fucking. Who the fuck calls someone to go grocery shopping with them?

And, lastly, you have been chatting with some chick online and after one meeting she tells you she loves you? And you believed her?

Kicking someones ass to stand up for what’s right? What are you talking about? You nailed some slut you met online who was already fucking someone else. And in your mind this is comparable to 9/11?

Whatever, she is a whore and you are an idiot. Obviously you both like to play bullshit games the rest of us got over in junior high. On second thought, you sound perfect for each other, maybe you should give it another shot.

I’ll bet when you kissed her you got some of his spooge in your mouth.