Good Vid of DB Presses/Flies?

I always worked out alone since I started. I don’t have anyone to check my form so it’s hard for me to see if I’m doing it right, especially since I’m having a hard time feeling it in my chest. I’m looking for a video of those 2 exercises done with good form. I’ve checked around youtube and all that but most of the time it’s obvious bad form with too much weight. Any help appreciated.

Are you feeling it in your shoulders?

There is an article on here from Thib that says how to hit the chest doing them. There are certain degree’s that only hit the chest. You don’t want to go all the way up with the weight laying on your back because the pectorals stop taking the load at a certain point. And you want to lower the weights until you feel a stretch in your pecs. Not sure where Thibs article is and his presonal website seems to have moved.

You can try a couple of things.

One is using a hammer grip instead of the traditional pronated grip, so your palms would be turned so that they face each other. This lets your bring the weight down a bit lower which can help you feel the stretch in your chest.

Another option is doing presses and flies on a decline bench. This takes your shoulders mostly out of the equation and puts the emphasis on your pecs. Thibs recommends declines alot for this reason when someone is shoulder/triceps dominant in their pressing.