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Good Vertical/Standing Broad Jump?


Does anyone know what is a good vertical jump and what is a good standing broad jump?

Also, how do these tests relate to speed?


Age? Height? Weight? Squat?

People that jump high tend to be good all around athletes, quick, fast and agile. Its basically like SAT exam. You score well on your SAT exam, colleges assume your smart. If you can jump high, athletic coaches assume you can also run fast, speed, agile, power, etc etc etc...


age- 26
height- 5'11"
weight- 200 lbs
squat- most recent best- 500 lbs.(wide)


It's impossible to say that a certain squat correlates to a certain vertical leap. Generally as your squat goes up relative to bodyweight, your vertical leap will go up (to a point), but it's impossible to say given a squat what your vertical should be.

With that said, 30" is a good vertical leap, 35" is elite-caliber and 40" puts you in the top .01% of athletes.

I don't know the same for broad jump.


In my opinion a good vertical is 30 and a good broad is 9 feet. There is correlation to speed but it's a rough correlation. Plenty of exceptions.


With that said, 30" is a good vertical leap, 35" is elite-caliber and 40" puts you in the top .01% of athletes.

I like these numbers as a general rule. Be wary of someone who claims they've got a 40", because it's likely closer to a 32" if that. Are these numbers something you've heard or are you just "thinking aloud"? Either way I think that is a great gauge.


Ulf Timmerman (elite shotputter) had an 11' 2" SLJ, 35" VJ, And 805 lb squat. This is from memory. I don't have the whole list of shot putters, but there were several over 11' for the SLJ and most had over 30" for a VJ.
It also had 30M times. Tomorrow.



Definitly. You can pretty much subtract 3-6" off the combine vert numbers- if you do that, you'll get no more than 5 guys going 40"+.

I'm pretty much just thinking out loud about those numbers from my experience so far. I think DeFranco said once that he considers 35"+ to be elite.


At a 500 lb squat at 200 lbs, you should prolly have close to a 10 ft broad jump and at least a 32 inch vert. Thats a big engine to have(500lb squat), so those are good numbers to have.


How fast can you perform 3 reps at 315 pounds?? Have someone time you next time at the gym and report back on this thread. It should be interesting to see how much torque is in that engine.