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Good TV To Watch Online


What are some of people’s favourite films and or TV shows online? Particularly Netflix and Amazon Prime.


From netflix- Black Mirror.

I got one of those internet tvs though, so I just watch it on tv.


Daredevil is pretty good (netflix).

I’ve heard Shooter is good from a few people. Same with Man in the High Castle (Amazon).


Game Of Thrones, Hannibal
Vikings, Friends
Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother
House, Dexter

Might be you’ve seen some of these allready. But hey! If you haven’t. They’re great!


Amazon’s Man in the High Castle is amazing. Amazon also has 24 if you’ve never seen that.


These are my favourites, pretty much in order of preference.

Series: Breaking Bad, Narcos, Better Call Saul, Freaks and Geeks, The Office
Documentaries: Unbranded, Bigger Faster Stronger, Valley Uprising, Eddie Hall

Series: Vikings, The Grand Tour, All Or Nothing


Thank you for all the suggestions.
So far I’ve seen breaking bad, daredevil (first season), better call Saul, Eddie, Grand tour and the Rich Froning documentary, they’re all pretty good.


the second season of Daredevil was way better, in my opinion.


We’re on episode 8 I think and I completely agree.


I’ve watched the Eddie Hall documentary like 4 times now…


This guy is awesome if you’re into angry pixies and what makes stuff chooch. Far better than most standard television programming.


I just don’t feel like watching the second for some reason, I enjoyed the first, but I’ll give it a go.


Really surprised no one else recommended this series. Watch sparingly as to avoid depression - none the less, watch with an open mind and enjoy the mind fuck.

My personal favorite might be Nosedive, White Christmas is great as well (Jon Hamm gives a great performance), Entire History of You made me feel … feelings, Shut Up and Dance made me put masking tape over my computer camera…

Great series


Read the Wikipedia entry on Black Mirror and the episodes a while back and decided that I’ll never watch the series willingly.

It seems far too depressing in its realism.

Be Right Back in particular… God, reading the Wiki synopsis alone gave me the chills.


That was a depressing episode not gonna lie … probably one I won’t watch again … San Junipero and Nosedive are pretty good and, I think, end on a positive note - as does Hated in the Nation.

White Christmas is pretty good too … not TOO depressing. 15 million credits is pretty good too.


I binge watched the whole series. I’m going to have to go back and check out the titles.

Actually, I may go back and watch them again. The one that had me laughing and cringing at the same time was the one that equated social media scores to your value as a person. I could totally see something like that happening.


That’s Nosedive … eerily accurate imo. Also, it ends rather sweetly in that it seems those two people end up finding freedom…

Great social commentary in that show

How you didn’t want to jump in front a bus going down the express way is beyond me. I could really only handle a couple episodes at a time. Not that I was particularly disturbed by any of the episodes per se, but it’s a lot to take it and consider.


I was just so captivated by the whole concept of being completely tapped into the internet of things. I had watched some stuff, probably 10 or so years ago, and read up on Ray Kurzweil. Even some of the rudimentary things that are currently happening with deep brain stimulation are amazing. A friend of mine had one installed experimentally to try to control OCD, and the effects were truly astounding. Unfortunately, also fatal, but astounding none the less.

At the very leading edge of neuroscience, it’s actually possible to interface with the brain and literally change the way you think.


It’s reality bro.

I thought that episode was hilarious though. Thankfully the Peeple app seems to have been fixed; initially you could rate anyone at all, as long as you knew their name.

I also binge watched all episodes in 3 days. Spent the next two weeks contemplating the futility of modern life. Men Against Fire and Hated in the Nation were particularly disturbing, as was The Entire History of You.

San Junipero was a pretty uplifting episode though.


Youtube has the reruns of MadTV, back when humor didnt have to be so politically correct: