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Good TV Show(s)?


I am looking for a new TV show to rent from Blockbuster. I just finished the 3rd season of Deadwood, which was fantastic btw. I am a huge Movie/TV buff, and I need something other than the gym to keep my mind occupied from school.

Shows I've really liked:

Rome (my all time favorite)
Six Feet Under
The Office
Battlestar Gallactica (dorky, I know)

My question to T-Nation is what are some other good shows you would recommend?


Firefly, Joe Shmoe, The Shield, The Revolution


Entourage, the office, scrubs


The Shield
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (probably the most underrated comedy this century)


Rescue Me


Rescue Me

Always Sunny in Philadelphia



The Shield

The Wire

...those are the two best shows on television right now, IMHO


South Park ftw


30 Rock (fucking hilarious)

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Office

Does anyone remeber that show Starved? It used to air right before Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That was by far one of the funniest shows ever. They took Starved off after one season, as it was attacked by the National Eating Disorders Foundation or some shit. I would recommend downloading it if you can find it.


-South Park
-It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
-Rob & Big

Why everyone on the planet doesn't watch It's Aways Sunny is mind boggling to me. I bought season 1&2 on DVD about a week before the 3rd season started, and I still havn't stopped watching it. It has easily become my favorite show ever, and Thursday at 10/ET is my new sabbath.



By the way, I'm seriously surprised that this thread wasn't called "Best T-Shows"



Arrested Development

British version of The Office





House, too.


The Office
Pushing Daisys (best new show)
Big Shots
Big Love
How i met your mother

God Bless Tivo

Im a big tv fan, although its probabaly a little bit to blame for the fact that i was a fat kid, that and N64.

No votes for Cavemen ?



Buy [or rent]the Simpsons seasons 3-9. Hands down the greatest show of all time. Scrubs is really good as well, although I had to watch 3 or 4 episodes before I liked it [I have no idea why I kept watching...]


Oh yea, definitely Nip/Tuck as rainjack said. That show is addictive.


Boston Legal


I'm not a huge fan of series, but Dexter is definitely a very cool show that ought to be checked out by most of you.


Trailer park boys