Good TRT Doctors in New Jersey?

Does anyone know any good endos. for TRT in New Jersey? I am having a hard time finding someone who knows a lot about this kind of stuff.

I use Global Life Rejuvination (Denville, NJ). They cost under $200 per month including 200mg Test Cyp per week, 1 mg Arimidex per week, Bi-Annual Doctor’s Visit and Bloodwork. The bloodwork is the only thing covered by insurance. They prefer to run the Test/AI for 20 weeks, then PCT (HCG/Chlomid) for 6 weeks, then back to the Test/AI, and so on.

In my opinion, they provide you with maximum dosing, probably too much. You might consider doing your own bloodwork and adjusting (reducing) the dosing schedule as needed to get your Total/Free T and E2 in the optimum ranges. They also prescribe 1 shot per week and provide 1.5" 23 gauge needles. You may want to take it upon yourself to buy slin pins and shoot twice per week or E3D.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Surfer, I am a total beginner almost pretty clueless… I am from NJ and saw your post. I have a appointment with Global next week. Is there any possible way you could PM me or email me privately… looking for a bit of advice… thanks

Hey Mike. I can certainly help you out. Global is good, but they over do it with the test dose, and they make you do pct every 4 months. Pct consists of coming off the test, and going on high dose clomid and hcg for 3-6 weeks. It kind of sucks. I take less than half the test dose they prescribe and keep my test levels around 800. You can ask them to take hcg with your test instead of doing pct ( this is what I do), but they prefer not to do it that way. You just have to ask. Global will get the job done, but be cautious about the one-size-fits-all protocol. Also, the guidance from KSman on T-nation is great. Read up on and start with his protocol. It is more conservative than Global’s, and probably healthier.

One more thing, some people have a great response to hcg. I fall into this category, so my test dose is actually quite low now, about 60 mg/ week. Without the hcg, I need 120 mg/wk. Also keep in mind that if your test goes too high, you’ll feel good for a couple of weeks, and then you’ll start to feel shitty, from my experience. Also, reducing your dose sucks, so start low and go slow.

Surfer your a life saver thank you so much… I just wanted to stay on 150mg weekly… do they go mostly off symptoms or are they really looking at labs? What I mean is are they going to give me a hard time about getting the Cyp? And also the guy told me I spoke with on the phone he will be sending in the mail my scripts (overnight). Are they sending me pharmaceutical grade? Any other tips. Please let me know. I am seriously clueless

Everything is pharmaceutical grade, from a compounding pharmacy. The
pharmacy can vary, but they are all legit. They will go off your labs and
your symptoms to see if you qualify for TRT. My labs showed clinical
hypogonadism. I had multiple lab work showing total test and free test
well below range. My total test was something like 170 ng/dL (range
330-1100). They had no problems prescribing me the drugs. The doc even
said, “I don’t know how you even function.” Lol. I’m not sure what they
would do if you were in range, but low for your age and had symptoms. My
guess is that they’d still prescribe. Insurance won’t pay since they
consider their treatment to be elective. Since it’s elective, I would bet
you don’t need to have clinical hypogonadism. However, if you have test in
the 600+ range, I’m pretty sure they won’t prescribe you the drugs, but who

Don’t inject once a week. Get yourself some insulin syringes and inject
subcutaneously around your belly button twice per week (Mon evening, Fri
morning worked for me). This will keep your levels from fluctuating too
much. You want very steady levels or you will be in for a roller coaster
ride, and some higher than necessary E2 levels. You’re gonna feel great for
a couple weeks, and then things start to settle in. If you feel worse
after the honeymoon phase, you may need to get E2 levels under control, or
your test levels may be too high or too low. Blood work is important.
Consider doing your own labs every 6 weeks until you’re dialed in. You can
buy lab tests online and get blood work done in PA. Unfortunately NJ
doesn’t allow that yet. PrivateMDLabs is a pretty good deal. I think it’s
like $50 or $60 for the “female hormone panel.” Don’t be fooled by the
name, it’s misleading. It’s for men too. You select your gender when you
add it to your shopping cart. It provides your total test and E2, along
with some other stuff like complete blood count and metabolic panel. You
just print the lab requisition form and take it to a LabCorp or Quest
Diagnostic lab in PA. They draw your blood and email you your results a
few days later. Simple!

Surfer- Thank you for the insight. I know this is a lot. I posted it. And no one responded… I hope I’m not taking a bunch of your time up… but I just want to make sure I’m doing this right.

Ok here goes, first off. I eat clean… I am in the gym about 5-6 days a week atleast one day for cardio… i started feeling low libido, not hard errictions, loss of motivation, and a little depression about last year… I chalked it up to over doing it at the gym… tried some supplements a little pre work out, Rad 140… I felt like the rad gave me a little push saw a little results but then started back sliding again…

3 weeks ago with some blood work… I convinced a DR to give me shots of test Cyp… he told me he would give me 350mg monthly. (I know this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing at all)… first shot I don’t know if I saw or felt any difference… I went back to his office the following week 6/5 and again with some back and forth got him to give me another shot 100mg… but he told me then he would only see me once every 2 weeks and give me 100-200mgs…
I knew this wasn’t going to work at all… 1 I know he knows nothing about TRT. 2. I can’t go into the office every 2 weeks and wait hour or 2 to see him. 3. He knows nothing about PCT stuff. 4. He never even ran my test levels
So,what I did do was find a TRT place that I scheduled a appointment with for 6/15. On the phone they told me I’m 31 so I’m of age and first thing they will do is run my labs and hopefully if all checks out start me on a regiment. I’m now worried tho because my last pin was 3/5 are my test levels going to be extremely high and give a false read and then they won’t write me any scripts? Or is this 10-14 days enough time?.. please help

Also worried because just the initial appointment is $295… I don’t want to waste time or money… also do I tell them that the 2nd week test Cyp the clueless doc gave me had my mood and libido gym workouts feeling great? And that I want 250 weekly…
I know for a fact that I feel great on it… is it wise to just be honest and be like give me this please?

You cannot order your own labs in NJ, NY and must use a doctor.

Many docs are quite useless at TRT and oddly, we see more problems with endo’s. We see problems from T-shops as they can lack focus on the larger picture and suffer from T tunnel vision.

Please create a thread just for your case and keep to that so your particulars are not scattered about.

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

K- doc that I did get to give me the 2 pins never even ran my test levels. He did run about 6months ago a metabolic blood panel I think? I have a print out of it. Can I send it to you?.. I don’t know for sure how my T levels are. But I can def tell you… libido, sex drive, errections soft, mental fog, anti social behiaviors, indecision, I actually think I’m shrinking cms in height…these are all playing a major role in my life. And hadn’t ever been up until about a year and a half ago…
also when I did get him to pin me (with some misgiving from him) the 2nd week (100mgs)… I felt great. Amazing… again I don’t drink, smoke, do any drugs and am avid in the gym. 31 - 190. He said he wouldn’t see me again for another 2 weeks tho… he is not a TRT doc at all… if I email you my blood work for the things that were ran could you take a look ?

31age, 190lbs, 5’10

BUN-21: Are you using a large amount of naproxen or similar meds?

Your symptoms definitely fit low-T.

Please create a thread just for your case and keep to that so your particulars are not scattered about.

So next Monday I have appointment at anti aging clinic… they told me they are running A lab. I’ve only had 2 shots so far first one was 3weeks ago at 350mg… and last pin was 6/3 for 100mgs…doctor said he will not even consider seeing me again until 6/15 and I don’t know what he will even be giving me then… But my concern is that because of my last pin on 6/3 from this Doc who I know is just as clueless as I am… I will be going to a anti aging clinic on 6/15 who hopefully knows what they are doing… I know they will be doing lab as per our conversation I had with the guy on the phone… are me t levels going to be skewed because of the 6/3 pin from the clueless doc? I know this is a lot and kind of confusing please bear with me… I really appreciate the help I know no one else expect people who abuse steriods and that’s not what I’m looking to do… I would like to feel normal again… and felt finally normal for the first time in a long time with that 2nd pin the doc gave me! Finally had some hope again! Thanks K. And thanks Surfer!

No. No drugs at all… prescribed or not… over the counter anti acids that’s it.

Oh I see. Wrong thread. I will start posting to the other one I started

How did all go with global life rejuvenation clinic ?