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Good TRT Doctor in Maryland?


I have had hit or miss luck in Maryland with finding a TRT Dr. I was originally (March) at 140 now at 296 through androgel, looking to get in the upper normal range, and still having issues finding a Dr. who doesn't think that from 140-296 is great.. I want to be normal.. and feel my best


Have you had any luck in finding a doc? I seem to be in a similar predicament. My doctor left the practice to become a government consultant, and her replacement is clueless at best.


I'm dealing with a guy named Pravin Rao at Hopkins. Very thorough, said he has treated a lot of guys for low T. He does not dismiss your questions or concerns at all, and his assistant Is thorough as well. Just my .02.


Awesome. Thanks for the info. I will follow up and see if I can get an appointment.


I have an awesome doctor in the Owings Mills area, however I cannot accept/send PM's yet.

Check back with me soon.


i would like to know the doc. in the Owings Mills area also, thanks


PM sent.

If you want, you can follow my status in "advice on my labs" thread.


I'd like that doctor too. Please send me a PM. Thanks!


PM sent


All the guys searching for TRT docs should investigate http://www.a4m.com.

They have a directory of all their docs and as a group understand and are at the cutting edge of TRT and other such treatments.


Hmmm....a couple dermatologists and an emergency medicine doctor within 50 miles of me. Don't think they're going to help. Would be great to have a website just for hypogonadism, TRT and docs who want to treat it.


I could be wrong in saying this, but you could always just do a search for Bio-idential practitioners in your state/city.


I'd be interested in hearing more about people's experiences with Doc's in the Baltimore area. I haven't had much luck with one medical group I checked into.


There is a sticky for that, and read "advice for new guys"

you may be a transdermal T non-responder with possible thyroid problems.


Thanks, I'll check that thread out.