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Good TRT Docs/Anti-Aging Clinics near DFW, Texas


Does anybody have any recommendations for good doctors or anti-aging clinics near the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas? I am looking for somebody who:

1) emphasizes symptoms over blood levels
2) is open to the use of hCG and possibly aromatase inhibitors

Other Texas areas are an option, too--it's worth the trip.

I've read the very helpful sticky on this subject (thank you, KSman), and I am proceeding those lines on my own, but I thought I'd see if anybody had any recommendations.

Please note that I'm looking for a legitimate doctor for the purposes of legal TRT, not a source for gear or any other illegitimate purpose. PMs welcome.




http://www.bostonmedicalgroup.com/locations (Houston and Dallas locations)




Do Boston and similar groups work with a lot of hypogonadal patients who don't experience ED?




Yes, they work with hypogonadism without ED.


You're hyogonadal without ED? That's rare.

I was completely impotent for almost a year and half when unmedicated.


Look up doctors on www.impotencespecialists.com. The urologists listed deal with hypogonadism. My excellent doc is listed there.