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Good TRT Doc in SoCal and/or NoCal?

Hello, I currently have an awesome TRT Doc in San Diego (Darren Farnesi for any interested)

The problem is… He is about an hour away, not a bad drive, but my insurance doesn’t cover because of out of network BS.

Anyone by chance know of a trt guy in the Murrieta-Temecula area? (a stretch I know)

Also I have a buddy in Sacramento in desperate need as well (His Test is at 92)and his Dr (GP) is unsuccessfully trying to treat it with androgel.

Any help on either would be greatly appreciated.

On Google Earth, enter [compounding pharmacy] in the “fly to” search box. Check out their web pages and phone them up asking for a TRT referral. Note offers for referrals, consults, TRT educational material and health questionnaires.

That’s a great idea, Thank you.