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Good TRT Doc In San Diego?


Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of a good TRT Doc in San Diego? (Please don't tell me to read the "finding a doc" sticky because I spent a lot of time trying this already to no avail...may work in some areas but not San Diego)

I Have gone to two General Practitioners, one Endo and one Anti-Aging Doc so far. The first three were not knowledgeable at all. Geez I was informing THEM about HCG and AI's (mostly from info I have obtained from this forum). The Anti Aging Doc was the best of them but still did not have have the expertise of some of the experts on this forum (he had never heard of subQ Test injections for instance).

Does anybody know of a good TRT Doc in San Diego who has a level of expertise comparable to some of the experts on this forum and who will prescribe Test-C, HCG and AI's?

Thanks Guys and best of luck to all!


There are docs who will tell you that SQ cannot work, who then offer to inject T pellets under your skin!


It sounds like you’re desperate so this might work for you. I have a Doc in Tustin, Ca. Just under two hours from you but he can do consultations over the phone. You just need to go into his office for your first visit. He is very knowledgeable and VERY easy to work with. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll give you my e-mail address.


Yes I am interested…please let me know…thank you!