Good Training Split?

  I am 18 years old and have been training for about 2.5 years (somewhat misguidedly at first), and I have recently designed a new training program that I hope will work out.

  Currently I am 6'1", and 185 pounds with about 12 percent bodyfat. I would like your guys' input about this program, along with any suggestions or ideas.

PROGRAM: 3 days on, 1 day off.

D1: Back, Shoulders.

Weighted Pull-ups 4x10
Bent-Over Rows 3x8-10
T-Bar Rows 3x10

Bent-over lateral raises: 4x12
Military Presses: 4x10
Lateral Raises: 3x12

D2: Abs, Legs, Calves.

50 weighted sit-ups
50 Reverse Crunches
Saxon Side Bends: 4x15

50 sissy squats (warmup)
Squats: 4x10-12
Hack Squats: 3x12
Lunges: 3x15
Deadlifts: 4x8
Leg Curls: 4x10

Standing one-legged dumbbell calf raises: 4x15

D3: Chest, Arms.

Barbell Bench Press: 4x10
Incline Barbell Bench Press: 3x10
Flyes: 3x12

Weighted Dips: 4x8-10
Skullcrushers: 4x10

Barbell Curls: 4x12
Dumbbell Curls: 3x12

That's basically it. My ultimate goal is to reach 220 pounds before I begin college in September. I'm not sure if a 35 pound weight gain is possible in 6 months, but since I started training I have gained 45, which is remarkable considering I am naturally quite ectomorphic.

I would definitely appreciate any feedback, thanks for reading.

Might add some more external rotation work with all that load on the shoulders from the presses.

Other than that I have seen worse and dont think you will be hindered to do this for a while see how it works and then make the needed changes.

Hell anything can work for a while.You seem to have some good compounds and then isolations. Just be wary of all that load those shoulders are taking two days a week.

Let us know how it goes

WAIT!!! are you saying you are doing this 3 on in a row, then a day off then repeat. Man im all for working out a LOT but I think youd be better to drop the amout of things you are doing if going like that.

Thats a FUCK ton of work to be trying to do it that often By god look at the leg day and doing that twice a week. You wont be moving shit for load due to still being beat to hell from the last go. If doing that much load Id give a week between each session or make them shorter, you dont have to do EVERYTHING on one day.

split them in half and do them twice a week, or rest more 3 on four off, or make more days in general like a back day, shoulder day, leg day, chest day, etc.

Thats my 2 cc anyway

Hope that helps

Not too bad apart from a shitload too much volume, which all newbies do when they first start designing workouts.

I don’t think you’ll add much bodyweight with this kind of workout unless 1) you’re eating a ton of food, 2) you’re getting 9hrs+ sleep a night and 3) getting some external assistance, whether steroids or just very good supplements.

I use a 3 on 1 off 3 on 2 off split and like it, but I agree with the other posters, you’re using too much volume for that.