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Good Training Music for a Gift?


Hi all. I have recently started back into training after many years away from the gym, and I am loving it. Even when I can barely walk 2 days after a squat session, it is good pain right? I came across T-Nation last week while surfing the net for training program ideas, and now I regularly drop in on the beasts over at the powerlifting forum and the powerful women here (MiM, PMPM and KimbaKimba are just some of my favourite contributors).

The reason for dropping in on your forum is to ask for your help. I have a close friend in Canada who is about to hit the big 3-0 next month and she is the girl who has everything. I'm stumped for a b'day present idea. She likes to hit the gym most days and when she's not doing some sort of cardio, she cranks some pretty decent weight (e.g. 40kg/88lb dumbell rows at a b.w. of about 70kg/154lb).

I was thinking I might put together 2 playlists for her - 1 for cardio days and 1 for weight sessions and then download them both onto an iPod for her b'day present.

My question is in 2 parts: (1) is that a lame gift idea? and (2) what the hell does a 30 year old woman want to listen to? I like Eminem (Lose yourself), Rage against the machine (killing in the name of), almost anything from AC\DC, quite a lot of Pink...basically anything to get the blood pumping.

I know she had a girl-crush on Pink for a while but otherwise I would only be guessing what she listens to. Over to you, please. What music makes the cut? (and if that is a lame gift, what should I send her instead?)


there are men that actually like Pink? i find her quite annoying.

i guess its a thoughtful present, but music taste is really personal more than anything. i would say get her some fast paced electronica for cardio days - some house music mixes. look into a torrent of armin van buuren/dj tiesto/oakenfold - its cheesy as far as trance purists go but she will like it.

for the weightlifting mix and sort of hard rock will do, i prefer slipknot.


Not a lame gift if you actually put songs on there that she’ll like.

If she likes AC/DC like you do you should put some Airbourne on it




If she likes punk check out the punk-a-rama cd’s. There were nine of them made over the years I think. Lots of different bands on each cd.

I made some mixed cd’s for some family members at xmas and they loved em’.


from what you have described…why not old school Rise Against, anything off their first 2 cds were good, their newest cd SUCKED!! but if it were up to me…Lamb of God, All That Remains, Bullet for My Valentine, Slayer, Trivium, Pantera, Metallica, etc, etc…heavy metal/metalcore is the only way to go for lifting in my opinion!



Can’t believe Lady GaGa hasn’t been mentionned yet! The revolution has been going on for 18 months.


Yes I think that is a lame gift.


[quote]beanboy502 wrote:


Thats a sweet list. And just cause it comes from Elitefts it’ll instantly make you stronger right?