Good Training Gloves for Heavy Bag

Trying to search on this board for a topic on this but no luck. I have an 80lb heavy bag and do have some cheap bag gloves, but would like a bit more padding. What brand or pair of gloves would you guys suggest? Btw, I am going to be wrapping my hands as well, as I know this plays a huge role in hand health!!!

I use everlast bag gloves for right now, but I need heavier ones. My favorites are Title gloves- hold up well and my hands don’t get killed. They’ve got a website with all their shit on it.

you should be good with just about any of them. you can get wraps on there too, and there are some pretty good videos on youtube on hand wrapping.

title has the best price for it’s tough quality. If you get the classic or oldschool style make sure you go one size up so you can wrap your hands. The ones I bought are way to tight & I need to bug someone to help me put it on.

Thanks for the responses guys. Going to be ordering some Twins super bag gloves from Title boxing either tonight or tomorrow(whenever I get around to it).