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Good Trainers in San Francisco


My name is Venu and I recently moved to San Francisco (from Seattle).

I happened to get a surgery on my right knee two years ago. Some of the cartillage had been scraped off. And I have knee alignment issues in both my knees now caused by tight hip flexors. Also pretty tight pec minor muscles because of my software developer position. I’m still very passionate about fixing my problems and getting very strong.

I have been training with an excellent trainer in Seattle for over a year but unfortunately had to move jobs. He was helping me build my posterior chain strength along with releasing the hip flexor tightness. He has been so methodical and has been following a lot of articles from here especially Ben Bruno’s advises. Single leg romanian deadlifts, glute bridges, wall slides, dead lifts, squats, pallof presses, hip extensions, cleans to name some of them. My trainer introduced me to T-Nation and I have been hooked to the site every since. I’ve made great progress with him. Too bad have to quit :frowning:

I’m looking for a good trainer here in San Francisco. Could any one suggest me a good trainer here please? I’m looking for someone who is very knowledgeable of the human anatomy, who has worked with such issues in the past and can help me fix my knees and also help me build overall body strength.

Thanks in advance,