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Good Trainers in Australia?


Anyone know of any good trainers in Sydney? Just coming back from a mild/moderate back injury that has put me out for 6 months, looking for someone who knows their stuff to help me get back into some serious lifting, but it's a pretty long flight to see any of the T-Nation contributors! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Ian King. Enough said.


Sorry mate, I'm in Brisbane :smiley:

In all seriousness, I've worked with a lot of personal trainers and I would recomend... one of them. He's also in brisbane though.

Since you read this website, you should be able to work out quite quickly if someone is okay or not. Just ask them about deadlifts, rotator work, exercise balance and then lower back rehabilitation.

If they don't know their shit, you should work it out pretty quickly after that list.

Good luck, but yeah... I know a guy who just got his cert 4 in fitness. He's never trained anyone in his life but he charges $55 for 30mins.

Frickin' ridiculous. He's never helped anyone before but he's charging like a pro. Some of the buttmonkeys I've met in the industry, it just makes you shake your head.


Wow, there's a coincidence, I'm moving to Brisbane at the end of the year, starting med at UQ next year.

One of my mates did the Cert 4 at the end of last year, he already had a bachelor of exercise science and said he learned nothing at all. They spent the first few weeks of an 8 week course going over stuff like what a cell, tissue and organ are! That said, the best story he told me was that the trainers gave all the students a strength and endurance goal for the end of the course. These were:

a) to do a one-armed chin-up
b) to run 3-4ks in x amount of time (can't remember exactly how long).
I thought that was kind of funny and very disturbing that they had these (often untrained) students convinced they could achieve a one-armed chin-up AND massively increase their endurance in 8 weeks. And you wonder why PTs have a bad rep...

Where are you based? I might give you a buzz when I get up there.


Sounds stangely familiar - Some brokers I've dealt with are on par with that. Security guards too (I was one many years ago, too 'Rambo' for my liking).

to the OP... I'm close to Sydney but can't recommend anyone decent. Read lots of stuff on this site and create your own training I reckon.


hey colin, i have just completed an exercise science degree at wollongong.
good course and i loved it but in terms of strength and conditioning i have learnt more from this site.
but apparently we (in AUS) are very well educated.
but it was a good course. its just that u have to learn a vast majority of subjects not just a couple like strength work and weights and stuff. its a lot more.
where abouts in sydney are ya?


I'm at Camperdown (near the Uni).

(Just to clarify I wasn't saying he didn't learn anything from his exercise science degree, just that he didn't learn anything from his cert 3/4, which as far as I know is the "industry standard" for being a personal trainer)


King is a bit far for me, I'm in melbourne and could use a decent trainer too, just to get me going again.


yeh same. like i learnt heaps as well from my course but this site does provide so much information from scientists as well.
but yeh i have had a few mates do cert 3 and 4 and i have seen heaps of people who have done it and dont have a clue.


I'm not sure about trainers experience, but you might check out the Arena gym on the Sydney University campus if you haven't already. While I'm not sure how qualified the trainers are, it has a reverse hyper, squat racks, OL platforms and dumbells to 52.5kg. There is also physio next door to the gym, but again I cannot vouch for their ability. I train there currently.
When you're at UQ you'll be in a better position. It'd probably be best to check out the powerlifting club. It's the only public gym I know that has a reverse hyper and glute ham raise, and there are olympic and powerlifters there. Andrew Logan is the president and is one of the few lifters in Australia right now that totals Elite 1. Hope that helps!


contact kingsports.net. Ian King will connect you with one of his proteges. I forgot the guys name but he is very good. if you want the best contact kingsports.net


Thanks, the arena is actually where I train at the moment (if you look hard enough you'll find me, I'm the guy straining to do rack pulls with 40kg - back injuries suck).


My gym's about a 10min drive from UQ. What are the odds hey?

I know what your friend meant about the course. I was very concerned when I did mine. If that's what you need to know to be qualified, then you don't need to know much.

Definitely contact me when you get up here. I'd be happy to take a look at you and see what the damage is.

Remember - flat back!