Good to Go?

sup everybody! i’m getting prepared to get into a cycle and want some opinion about when to use it and doses, since i want to get the best results possible using as little as possible.

so what i have with me right now is 30ml test c, 200caps dbol, nolva and clomid.
right now i’m using ephedrine/caffeine (8mg/100mg 4x everyday), supplements: whey protein and opti-men from optimun nutrition, universal creatine and green tea.

my big question here is WHEN to start the cycle, since my bf is pretty high (16%). i think my body will make a better use of it if i go to 12%, which should take me about 2-3 months…

i’m thinking about cycling like this:

1-12 TEST-C 400mg/week
1-4 30mg dbol/everyday (maybe longer?)

PCT would be serms (thinking if i should use HCG or not)
Nolva- 40/40/20/20
Clomid- 100/100/50/50

Height 5’10
age 21
weight 180lbs
body fat 16%

btw, sorry for my english and tell me if i’m good to go or not, cya!

Too young.

You’re going to fuck yourself up.

Wait a few more years.

I don’t know if it’s worthwhile to try talk the young guys out of it anymore. It seems everyone thinks that their HPTA won’t be the one that gets fucked up. They won’t be the ones with a limp dick forever. That could only happen to someone else.

So, If your going to do it no matter what. Bump to 500 per week on the test. Make sure you run an AI. Aramidex is the most common one. .5mg EOD. Pin your test twice per week Monday, Thursday is what most people do on E or C. I would run just the Nolva and run it longer than 4 weeks. At least 6 for a 12 week cycle. Your likely to hear even longer from others on this board. Start pct 2 weeks after last pin. Taper your Adex accordingly as the test is leaving your body. Lastly, pray you aren’t the 21 yr old whose HPTA is permanently fucked from using AAS before you are fully developed.