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Good Time To Use MAG-10?

I’m on a bulking cycle all winter, which I started about a month ago. I was at 205ish when I started probably at 14% bodyfat, maybe a little higher. I am currently at around 220lbs, but I feel I’ve put on too much fat. I’m not terribly concerned because I know I will cut in the spring, but it’s kind of annoying to put on fat.

I am getting stronger but I’d like to tip the balance to promote more muscle, less fat. I have a bottle of unopened MAG-10 sitting here and I’m very tempted to use it. I see no reason not to?

Stats currently are:

6’4, 220, bf is high teens assuming? Best numbers recently being dl 315x, Bench 225x5 (low), Squat is terrible as I neglected legs for a long time. I did 225x8 last time, today I plan on trying 235 or 245 for reps.

Any suggestions?

By just looking at your numbers, you don’t seem that bad. I would just continue bulking. If you REALLY want to drop a few pounds of fat while staying on your bulking cycle. Why not do some morning light cardio (20 mins), and add like 200-300 clean calories a day. Experiment a little. I’m no trainer but 6’4" at 220 for someone who wants to bulk seems normal to me.
Heck I’m weighing in just a little over 220 and I’m 6’2". Bulking as well.