Good Time to Start 5/3/1

I’ve been training for about six months now, for the compound lifts basically doing 3x5 just adding a few pounds each set and each week. I’m 5’5" at 150lbs up from 135lbs in january and my lifts are as follows:
Squat 240x1
Bench 200x1
Deadlift 340x1(more recently hit 330x3)
OHP 115x1

What I’m asking is, should I start 5/3/1 now or would I be better off for now running starting strength? Or maybe another program all together?

If you are no longer progressing on your current program then I dont think you can go wrong by trying it. I switched to 5/3/1 when my lifts were in the same ballpark as yours

If strength is the goal, one should milk novice programs for all they’re worth. Starting Strength has you upping the weight every workout, whereas 5/3/1 is every month.

Personally I hate novice programs. I understand they work great for some people, but they never worked well for me. From my personal experience, I would suggest jumping on 5/3/1 asap. Your gains may be slower, but if you are patient they will last longer. Slow and steady wins the race. if you’re serious about getting bigger and stronger, set yourself up now to make long-term gains and just keep at it.

Thanks for the replies guys, I’m gonna do SS and see how much more progress I get then probably start 5/3/1