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Good Things to Stack with Cyp

I have been looking at things to stack with Testosterone Cypionate. What do you guys think would be the best option to stack with cyp over 500mg per week over 10-12 weeks?

I am still new to this so what I am looking for is low/no post cycle therapy and if it is injected the most I want to inject is weekly because I am already needing to inject the Cyp. This cycle is still very much on the drawing board as you can tell.

You can stack pretty much anything with test cyp.

BUT it looks like this is your first cycle, so I don’t think you should stack with anything, other than maybe dbol the first 4 weeks (kickstart). Find out how you do on test before you go adding other stuff. I would recommend Furious’ newbie cycle (check the sticky).

And you will need full PCT regardless of whether you stack or use test alone.

I have used Test Undec (only 1000mg every 3 weeks had 2000mg so only did it twice) previously and I responded well I think. I was going to use Dbol but my supplier cant get it right now. So I was wondering what else I could use.

EDIT: by “well” I mean I had no negative effects at all.

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In my personal experience there IS a difference between the drugs… Cyp is notably slower and smoother in the gains it delivers.

But saying that i managed to gain and keep around a stone (14lbs) from a mere 7 week, 500mg Test Cyp cycle with 50mg proviron and Letro - and IIRC no frontload - which i always do these days. I am a convert.

I know that the elimination half life means that it doesn’t reach peak levels till around week 7… but it is very near the peak levels from week 5 - which shows a very slow incline in levels, which is (IMO) the reason it gives the slow, steady gains it does compared to other tests.
I think it is better suited to TRT and stable long term dosing, rather than cycling. Not as extreme as Test undeclynate, but not as user friendly as enanthate and Propionate.


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
IMO, 12 weeks isn’t long enough for a cyp cycle, due to ester length. Sure, I know the books tell you that it’s ‘roughly the same’ as test enan in terms of timescale/halflife, etc, but that has definitely NOT matched my experience.

And I know that gear availability in OZ is restricted, but please don’t do a phucked up cycle like your last one, just because that’s all you can access.


I know that was a fuck up but I have lived learnt and moved on. Thats why you find me now trying to sort my shit out.