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Good Things Learned in School


In honor of the crap you learned thread... what are some usefull lessons you learned in school? Academic or lessons on life.

I figured out that integrity is pretty much somethin you keep for yourself. Your status in life will probably be better with some moderate ruthlessness. It's somethin you gotta do to respect the man you see in the mirror.


Rule #1:
People are stupid.


rule #2:
People are stupid, but a person can be smart.


How to spell "useful" correctly.


Teachers have a hard job.


i learned that what you do is more important than what you think or say


That some people are dicks.


  • That sometimes argueing with those in a position of power over you and don't have any stake in the truth is stupid. Even if you are right.

  • Nobody actually tries. They just want to coast through. Hence group assignments suck. Seize control of that assignment and accept you just might have to carry others.

  • Um... Um..... Au is gold!


Welcome to my high school esperience.

I learned that, in my experience, if you watch out for and take care of your friends, it'll eventually come back positive for you, even in non-direct ways.