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Good Test Booster Without Side Effects?


Okay. I have been told that test boosters are the one you want. So, of course, I tried them out. Gaspari Nutrition's Novadex XT. Seemed to be pretty good for about a month (even though I noticed no significant changes), but then I mixed it with a little dose of lack of sleep and my attitude went to shit, and I ended up launching a Captain across his desk.

Luckily, he understood that he was in the wrong there, but that was totally out of character for me. Of course, I stopped taking them. I have watched countless others taking similar products and almost all have the same result. Test boosters send your attitude through the roof. Is there a product out there that does not send you into bi-polar roid rage, or should I just let this one go and double up on my protein shakes? I am really looking for some help here.

Over the last nine months, I have lost over 30 pounds of fat and have had some gains in muscle, but am really looking for more, legally and healthily. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks. -JOEDADDY


Any boost in Test is going to have a similar effect. If it has that profound of an effect on you, I'd avoid boosters altogether.

Your exercise program and diet are going to be the keys to your success. Give us some info on those.


Maybe I'm a 100% wrong but I've read and talked to people that take the test boosters and they say, "Test boosters don't give you shitty attitudes. If you have anger problems before, this will make it worse, however it doesn't make you go Roid Rage if you don't have that problem"

I have to say I find that pretty accurate in watching the people workout from day to day. The people that go off the deep end, are usually the same people that go off.. and the people with level heads, usually stay that way.


This right here.


exactly....if the nearly unmeasureable increase in test you get from a tes booster makes you an ass...guess what...ur just an ass. You are "raging" because you want to. I used to take upwards of 2-3 grams of total anabolics per week when i competed and i was the calmest guy you will ever meet, still am, with or without the drugs. so in answer to your question...yes...stay away from the test boosters becasue it is apparently the only excuse you need to be an idiot


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