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Good Tasting Portable Meals

Getting abit bored with tuna and cottage lately,
I’ve borrowed Gourmet Nutrition(first edition) from a friend.
What do you guys recommend as a Gainer Tupperware friendly meal?

Doesn’t have to be just a recipe from the book, can even be a simple P+F or P+C combo that is portable and convenient.

Tupperware + salad + olive oil + chicken breast

Take a protein source and remove any non-edible parts. Chop up into bite sized pieces, put in tupperware.

Take vegetables and chop them. If they need cooking, do so. If possible make multiple servings. Add spice and cooking oil to vegetables in pan, otherwise, just add on top of vegetables in tupperware.

carbs: Take serving of rice or quinoa and add to veggies and meat. If cooking, cook them up together to get the flavors to blend more, then let cool before placing in tupperware.

extras: balsamic vinegar or other vinegrette, flax seeds, chopped nuts, chopped fruit (might want to cook with these too for a different flavor/consistency)

fish oil pills - now you have a complete meal that should conform to your eating plan

If you have acces to a plate and a microwave you can place chicken/steak/or fish in the tupperware and take something like a sweet potatoe with you. The sweet potatoe doesn’t need any tupperware so your good there. Thats a good protein/carb meal. Add some almonds or some kind of nut that can be stored in a bag and your good to go. lol


well if you have microwave access i would say left overs if there is no micro available during the day to you id say different leftovers…basically keep it simple i cook for 2-4 meals at a time. alot of times i wont have access to a micro without hassle of chasing it down our waiting in line, things like that make up my lunch box selection

check out the mwa side here the chicks got a recipe forum