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Good Tasting Non-Dairy Protein Powder?

Are there any? Around 20 years ago I tried health-food store vegetarian protein powders which were hideous. Have stuck with Biotest pretty much since they came out with it, but can’t have any dairy protein right now.

Not a powder but universal’s beef aminos are great. Dymatize have a beef protein that seems highly rated and there’s always humapro.

Andersons, why no dairy? Is it a lactose thing? If so, our proteins have minimal amounts of lactose, and even the most lactose-intolerant people can usually handle up to 2 grams at a time.


Hate to hijack the thread and it is an older one so I hope you even see this. I’ve read quite a bit of your posts and BBB posts regarding low back rehab. Some really helpful stuff. I tried to PM you but it didn’t work and when I called tech support they said that is no longer functional so I’m hoping you see this.

I have a mildy bulging disc at L4,L5 but I have some really hypertrophied facet joints there. MD said they are pretty big and that is what is causing a lot of my low back pain. I started with a PT who prescribed the MacKenzie style (extensions) exercises which actually induced sciatic pain. That is getting somewhat better but my low back pain and low back muscle spasms are getting pretty bad.

I have bought McGill’s Low Back Disorders book and have started the stability exercises (side planks, glute bridges, bird dogs). On a thread several years ago you mentioned having a Google Doc that had a lot of exercises/material on the subject. Any chance you still have that? Not sure how to get it without the PM function. I don’t mind posting my Gmail address on here if that will work.

Any help is much appreciated considering my doc just told me I have been relegated to life of pain and misery and they can’t do much except a few spinal steroid injections.


For me, back pain (multiple discs were mri confirmed as severely herniating at age 20) is largely controlled with following an anti-inflammatory diet (now 30). Started with eliminating gluten, and have consistently cleaned up the rest of the diet. It was a learning process but I’ll gladly take feeling good by sticking with what I know to be a healthy diet for myself.

The downsides are the restrictions (gluten completely, sugar largely (occasionally periworkout and very seldom a treat), and alcohol.). Lots of veggies and meats and not a ton of starches. Probiotics seem to help as well. Low pufa (corn oil for example) too. EVOO and butter ftw.