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Good Tasting Meals

Might be a topic that’s here every week, bear with me, I’m not checking out the forum that often. What are your favorite dishes? What do you eat that is not unhealthy, contains proteins, have a reasonable carb/fat ratio that fits under Doc Berardis recomendations, has a reasonable prize but still tastes good enough that it doesn’t have to be forced down every day (and therefore easier to stick with longterm). Even suboptimal dishes would be great. My food is most likely terrible in a your eyes, except that I always include proteins. I’ll start anyway. Hopefully people has better stuff then I do. Note that it doesnt have to be fat loss food either.

Salmon fried with olive oil, spices(salt, pepper, oregano ++) and a bit of tomatoe in the oven. Remember to throw water on it every 10-15 min to avoid that it’ll dry. (Taste = 4/10, Value = 10/10, 30-45[to make])

Egg burger:
Two slices of fiber added bread, 50grams of turkey (the bird, not an arab), 3 whole eggs (tastes so much better, and not sure how to remove the yellow stuff) with salt and barbeque mix spices. Usually include some fruits too. (Taste = 7/10, Value = 7/10, 15min)

Meat fiesta:
Bacon, meat, eggs, spices and a bit of tomatoe sauce, all mixed up in the same frying pan. (Taste = 8/10, Value ???, 15min) I have to ask, is this bad? Contains shitloads of fat, but less then 10 grams of carbs.

Seeks especially:

  • Good way to make chicken
  • Decent post workout meals (don’t have access to any Biotest stuff, and protein powder is relatively expensive).
  • Anything that could be eaten with cheese or bacon (not sure if that is bad even in fat/protein meals)

Thanks in advance.

You may want to check out Dr Berardi’s ebook Gourmet Nutrition, avaiable from his site, www.johnberardi.com. It contains eating tips, food prep tips, and most importantly a whole lot of recipes.

Bacon and cheese?
How about making an omellette with cheese and bacon, and you could even toss in other things too optionally.

As for good food suggestions… I never think I’ll get tired of red meat, even cooked in the most basic ways.

For chicken try msrinating in olive oil and lemon juice and grilling or baking. Adding a little rosemary to this makes it even better.
I wouldn’t make cheese and bacon a staple of your diet as both are largely pure saturated fat.

50grams of turkey (the bird, not an arab)…WTF?!
Crazy Norwegians!

Thanks for the link Moon Knight. After checking out the T-Jack and the content of book, I ordered it straight away. This book looks really promising :slight_smile: (Altho may be a stiff price for an e-book).

You should not have to throw water on salmon to keep it from drying out. Overcooking is what dries salmon out. You mentioned “every 10-15 minutes” – are you cooking a whole fish? If you’re cooking fillets or steaks, they should be completely done in LESS THAN 10 minutes. About 7-8. Poke the tip of a knife into the middle, and take the salmon out when just the middle is still translucent. Then let it sit for a few minutes before eating.

Overcooked salmon is a tragedy!

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