Good T Dr. in Dallas/Ft. Worth?

I am new here but frequent a couple of other boards I am sure you are familar with. I have had low T since I have been about 30 years old. I am now 39. I have seen no less than 12 differnt Dr’s over the last 8-9 years. I have recently been told I am Hypo-thyroid also. So, long story short…

I’m looking for a good HRT Dr. in the DFW area. Someone who knows about Injectable T, HCG and AI as well as replacing other hormones that need tuning up. I have been to a BodyLogicMD Dr. recently and am not pleased. I am now working w/a Dr. long distance and am trying to find someone closer to home. I don’t want to self medicate by using a long distance Dr. for a long time if I don’t have to.

I have also PM’d a few poeple here that seem to know of Dr’s but have not heard anything back so if you know of anyone I would appreciate any info you can provide.


Download and install google earth:

zoom into your area

in the “fly too” search box, enter “compounding pharmacy”.

Explore their web sites looking for male HRT/TRT info, education, health forms, evaluation and doctor referrals.

Start phoning, explain that you are seeking a male HRT referral, explain the hypothyroidism which probably makes transdermals a waste of money.

Avoid age management clinics as they do not take insurance. Explain to the pharmacist that what your insurance arrangement and expectations are.

You can still get small amounts of 5% T cream for your scrotum and penis that will improve the nerves and sensitivity, but probably better to not discuss application to your penis. Application to your scrotum may improve DHT and libido.

Explain that you seek a doctor who will prescribes Anastrozole to control E2 and hCG to preserve the testes.