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Good T But Low E

So it’s been several months since my last injection (to get pregnant). My T level initial dropped and then rose back up to normal levels (566). However my estradiol is 8.2 (7.6 - 42.6). My LH and FSH in the higher range. Thoughts?

Btw, my wife is pregnant now :slight_smile:

begging for numbers…

LH/FSH should -->zero
seems like your prior nolvadex is echoing and that is not a technical term

serum E2 is a balance of FT–>E2 and E2 clearance [liver]
this suggests that FT is low

low E2 is like using a SERM and LH/FSH is expected to increase

so your labs are very strange, are you taking any meds at all?

How do you feel? Low E2 often makes guys feel bad.

I didn’t order the FT numbers.
LH: 9.5
FSH: 15.9

Last time I took a SERM was about couple months ago.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been feeling great, especially at the gym! I lost my strength after I stopped T cyp., but I’m starting to actually make some gains now. I was on a rollercoaster ride when I stopped the T cyp., went on the recovery protocol, but after I completely stopped everything and a couple months later, I am feeling like I did when I was on T Cyp.

No meds other than multi vitamins and 5000 iu of Vitamin D.

See where E2 is in the future. When nothing makes sense, retest and be open to lab errors.