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Good SUV's


I'm moving from Texas to Oregon in the next few weeks and I'm trading my current car in and getting an SUV, or possibly a truck. Both my brothers are mechanic's and they're diametrically opposed to American cars, but I have a soft spot for Jeeps. I actually have my eyes on the Wrangler Sahara Unlimiteds. Problem is I had a Grand Cherokee a few years ago and even though it's my favorite car I've ever had that thing gave me nothing but problems. I'm trading in and putting a couple of grand down so my final down payment will be around $6k. I'm buying used and my price limit is about $28k. If anyone has any recs and/or horror stories feel free to post 'em. Thanks.


I've always thought the toyota 4runner looks pretty cool.


I'm rocking an 09 Explorer. I have had ZERO problems all the way into my second Montana winter with it. Pleanty of room for all three kids, the dog, and any cargo I need to move. Gas mileage leaves a little to be desired, but apparently, after talking to other people, I'm actually doing really well.


You cannot go wrong with a Toyota either an Amazon or a Hilux.Do they sell the Amazon Stateside?I think Hilux's are sold as Tacoma's.Either are rock solid.


My most recent ex has an '09 and they're way sharp. Just got off the phone with my oldest bro and that's what he suggested as well. Also think the FJ Cruisers look pretty slick but don't know anyone who owns one.


How many miles you working with? I have a Ford now and aside from some minor stuff it's been surprisingly dependable, but I'm still under 70k.


The FJ Cruisers types available in Texas than in other states. Something to consider on where to buy the vehicle.


I've only put about 17k on it. It's my daily driver/grocery getter, and I've only done one road trip with it so far. It's nice enough to tell me about what maintenance needs done to it.


Honda Pilot

You'll look like a soccer mom, but it's a good car.


Are you actually going to be driving off-road with it? Toyota's are nice, but pricey.

Most of the heavier suv's are awful off-road (Tahoe, suburban, etc)

As for fords, I know many people 300k on an F150


I've had my Nissan Xterra for years, damn thing just crushes snow. We were buried in NY this past week, didn't move my car for days, but this morning, just popped into 4 wheel drive and easily drove up and over a nice 2 ft embankment that had blocked me into my spot.



Volvo XC90. Ghey, but very good.


If you go SUV, go 4Runner. It's the best among the mid sized SUV's. I have owned 1-2-3 and 4th generation runners.

Look at the axles in a Honda, they are 3/4". 4Runner is not a car frame made SUV. It's a solid rig, and is not embarassing like a pilot, escape etc.

If you go SUV look at


Other wise it's a big boat or a tiny ...ghey outback-like car.

Plus you can find a heck of a lot more after market stuff for toyotas!


Best car I ever had was an explorer.


I've had a Grand Cherokee for years, over 300,000 miles and its original tranny doesn't even hesitate. It's an older one, though, early 90s, and I've heard about problems with the newer ones. Thing about Jeeps is that parts for it are DIRT cheap.

And people can say what they want, but I'm gonna get a Hummer one day. Those things are awesome.


Chevy 2500.


My wife drives the Pilot, lol. It is pretty embarrassing I have to admit, to be one of 5 that picks up my son and the only dude driving one.

But what does the 3/4" axle mean? Good, bad, wat?


Decide how important gas mileage is to you. If its not that important, get a tahoe.

Heres why. Last year I T-boned a Tahoe going about 45. The thing didn't have much of a dent in it and was still totally driveable apart from the airbags being deployed. Safety matters.

The subaru SUV's are pretty well made too.


I have another ex who has one and that thing has the worst handling and hair trigger brakes of any car I've ever driven. Do you have any of those problems? She's had hers know for 5 or 6 years and still likes it so maybe it's just me being picky.


Dude, I've been looking at tahoes but even older models with 50k miles are 30 grand+. That's too much for me now. I found a badass wrangler unlimited with 15k miles for $20k but the dealership was closed. Gonna test drive it tomorrow but I'm probably gonna end up getting a 4runner to be smart. Thanks to everyone who's chimed in. Y'all have been helpful.