Good Supplements for an Olympic Weightlifter

I am a competitive olympic weightlifter and was wondering what sort of supplements from Biotest or any other companies are good, but keeping in mind that I don’t want to take any supplements that could have banned substances them (the ones according to WADA). Thanks for everyones help.

Any of Biotest’s protein formulas are ok, as is Powerdrive (my favorite), but stuff like Tribex and Hot-Roxx you have to be careful. Actually you have to be careful with anything. I just recently called the IOC hotline about vinpocetine, and even though the doctor had never heard of it and couldn’t find it listed in his materials he insisted that if it worked the way it is supposed to (increasing flow of oxygen and blood to the brain as I understand it) I would test positive for using something that has those qualities. Just take a list of the ingredients in the supplements you are interested in and give them a jingle, although you most likely will come away frustrated and confused with your answers or lack thereof.

If you have to be careful with Tribex, then why does it say Charles Poliquin gives it to his Olympic athletes wouldn’t that endanger them in possibly failing a drug test, and also so would these following supplements be fine: Power Drive, Power Surge, ZMA, and Grow

I’m not sure if it’s really any help, but I had our trainer run zma, power drive and surge through the ncaa banned drug database, and none of their ingredients came back positive

Tribex, Red Kat, Methoxy, and Hot Rox are all ok. Trust me, I’ve checked. I’ve also been tested while on some of those, and no problems.

Mag-10, I believe, would be out. So would ephedra.

Haha…Poliquin gives a lot more than Tribex to his athletes!


Rama, what on earth are you alluding to? Certainly you wouldn’t think Poliquin is giving his athletes, dare I say it…Ashwagandha?

Well there you go. If Cazzo has been tested while using those and had no problems, go for it. I’m just very apprehensive because once your popped, guilty or not, your SOL. And keep in mind their policy is if you use something they may not be aware of you can still test positive, which doesn’t make sense to me, but thats the game.

Fish oil caps, creatine, protein, post workout shake, joint formula, and multi. If you have any money left than you’re beyond my level :slight_smile: Spend the rest on quality food.

Remember too, that chances are, they will not test you at local meets. Once you get to Nationals or maybe the American Open type meets, they will.