Good Supplement to Help the Pump?

hey guys, along with protein, bcaa’s, and daily vitamins, i tried no-xplode but it doesn’t work, shoulda listened to the reviews…anyway, does anyone have anything else they take and feel results from. anything to boost up the pump? thanks.


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I agree with SBT. With proper nutrition you should be able to really get those muscle belly’s to swell. But if you really think you need it, XPLO-Bol by Fizogen should be able to get you over your hump. In the past, I have taken 5 caps 30 minutes before a workout. Happy Lifting!!!

To the OP, please don’t waste your money on crap like this.

Not only has the owner of Fizogen been found guilty of ripping people off with his previous company, but this supplement is crap.

Why do you want to increase the pump? You just like the feel? As said, carbs will do the trick. Creatine and BCAAs staggered around the workout help the pump and prevent feeling flat if low-carbing it. And look into arginine. It does just the same thing as all the bogus NO2 supplements and is a fraction of the price. Its muscle-building benefits are marginal, but it does help with the pump.

thanks guys. i’ll try staggering the creatine and bcaa’s around the workout and take in more carbs before and after. i just hit a wall where it seems like i can’t get the blood pumping enough even with my heart rate up. thanks.

In addition to BCAA’s consider Carbolin 19. From the article on it:

  • Increases muscular pump
  • Elevates mood
  • Increases rate of muscle gains
  • Increases rate of strength gains
  • Decreases fat mass while gaining muscle
    I use it pretty consistently and feel it helps with the pump.



TRIBEX Gold works for me.